Rahvan Horses Run for the Republic

Rahvan Horses Run For The Republic
Rahvan Horses Run For The Republic

The Rahvan Horses Republic Race, organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality for the 98th year of the proclamation of the Republic, was breathtaking.

Under the coordination of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department, the "Rahvan Horses Republic Race", which was organized for the Republic Day in cooperation with Bursa Rahvan and Racehorse Breeders and Riders Sports Club Association and Turkish Traditional Sports Branches, was held in Ürünlü. The races with intense participation from Konya, İzmir, Ankara, Aydın, Kütahya, Isparta, Afyonkarahisar, Bursa, Samsun, Gölcük and Balıkesir, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Süleyman Çelik, Bursa Deputy and MHP Secretary General İsmet Büyükataman, Turkish Traditional Sports Branches Federation Provincial Many sports fans watched with its representative İlkel Mirilli. The races, which started with the Quran recitation of Muradiye Mosque Imam orator Lütfi Taşçı and held in the categories of Native Canter, Double Colts, Triple Colts, Quadruple Colts, Fresh Five, Deck, Small Medium, Big Middle, Başaltı and Baş, witnessed great competition.

In the races that continue throughout the day, Engin Kesdoğan in the Domestic Canter Category, Mutlu Mert in Double Colts, Mehmet Barut in Triple Colts, Hüseyin Pet in Quad Colts, Mustafa Yılmaz in Fresh Five, Turhan Şimşek in Deste, İsmail Gelmez in Small Middle, Özgür Güven in Big Middle, Ayhan Karakuş in Head Six, and At first, Latif Aka's horse came first.

Deputy Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Süleyman Çelik, who presented the trophies and medals to the champions, stated that such events are very important in terms of transferring traditional sports to future generations and thanked all the athletes who participated.

İlkel Mirilli, Provincial Representative of Turkish Traditional Sports Branches Federation, said that they aim to make the Republic Race, which was held for the first time this year, traditional with the contributions of the Metropolitan Municipality.

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