People Entering Pedestrianized Roads In Eskişehir Inspected

People Entering Pedestrianized Roads Inspected In Eskişehir
People Entering Pedestrianized Roads Inspected In Eskişehir

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Police Department teams inspected the people who entered the pedestrianized roads, which were closed to vehicle traffic, with motorcycles, electric bicycles and scooters.

Metropolitan Municipality Police Traffic Teams conduct inspections against motorcyclists entering areas closed to motor vehicle traffic. Administrative sanctions are imposed on the motorcyclists, electric bicycles and scooter drivers who enter Iki Eylul Street and Doktorlar Caddesi, which are prohibited from entering all kinds of motor vehicles with the UKOME decision, to be referred to the Council because they endanger pedestrian safety.

The officials of the Metropolitan Municipality Police Department stated that the young people working in the workplaces that distribute packages should not be forced to make fast service, should not enter the pedestrian zones and should have their registration documents with them.

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