Hemorrhoid Treatment Without Incision, Pain And Scarring Is Possible

painless and scarless hemorrhoid treatment possible
painless and scarless hemorrhoid treatment possible

Hemorrhoids, which is one of the most common health problems in our country, is also one of the diseases whose treatment is delayed due to embarrassment and hesitation. This problem, which greatly reduces the quality of life, can bring along a difficult surgical process in advanced stages. However, this process can be overcome very comfortably with the painless, painless and incisionless Doppler hemorrhoid method, which has started to be applied in hemorrhoid surgeries with the developing technology. Moreover, after standard hemorrhoid surgeries, problems such as gas and stool leaks, especially experienced in advanced ages, are eliminated. Professor from the Department of General Surgery at Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital. Dr. Ediz Altınlı gave information about the doppler hemorrhoid method, also called hemorrhoidal artery ligation.

Since there is no incision, pain is not experienced

In hemorrhoid surgeries, this procedure, which is called hemorrhoidal artery ligation in the new technology, is a minimally invasive method, so there is no incision in the patient. The incision method, which is performed under general anesthesia, is performed by suturing with a special system and can be performed in advanced stages of hemorrhoids.

Prevents gas and stool leaks in advanced ages

If hemorrhoids that open out are thought of as an accordion, it can be defined as a process such as closing the opened accordion by sewing. Both the blood vessel currents to the hemorrhoid are cut and the hemorrhoid is placed in its place. In other words, the hemorrhoids remain in place in the patient. Hemorrhoids are auxiliary organelles that help hold stool and gas, especially in advanced ages. In standard hemorrhoid surgeries, hemorrhoids are completely removed. This can prevent gas and stool retention in advanced ages. However, this complication is completely eliminated in Doppler hemorrhoid surgeries.

Return to work and social life after 1 day of hospitalization

In standard hemorrhoid surgeries, the hemorrhoids are cut and removed and sutured in place. This can be a painful procedure. In the Doppler procedure, there is no incision, so pain and pain are not felt. There is a vein going to the hemorrhoid with a special ultrasonic Doppler system and it is strangulated by suturing with a special device. It takes 60-90 days for the hemorrhoids to fully settle and settle. During this period, patients should be careful while making stool. For this reason, stool softening drugs are given to patients after surgery. Patients can return to their daily life and work life the next day after 1 day of hospitalization. The next day, he/she is able to perform normal daily activities such as returning to work, driving, and walking. It is recommended to avoid bitter, spicy and sour foods for 1 week after the surgery. At the end of 1 week, there are no dietary restrictions. There are no traces left after the procedure. This procedure, which has a very high success rate, is mostly applied in Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital in Turkey.

It can be applied even in the most advanced hemorrhoids.

In general, surgery is not considered in stage 1 hemorrhoids. Patients can relax with diet regulation and drug therapy. However, surgery comes to the fore in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th stages. The Doppler method is a method that can be applied to the 2nd, 3rd and even 4th stage. There are very few centers in the world that can apply the Doppler method to stage 4 hemorrhoids. Although it is a technically difficult method, successful results are obtained.

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