The Cost of Single Pass on Osmangazi Bridge May Exceed 500 TL

The Cost of Single Pass on Osmangazi Bridge May Exceed 500 TL
The Cost of Single Pass on Osmangazi Bridge May Exceed 500 TL

Bridge and highway tolls will hit both the dollar rate and US inflation. The cost of a single crossing over the Osmangazi Bridge, which was 2016 TL in 109 and currently 336 TL, may exceed 2022 TL with the new price at the beginning of 500. A part of this amount is paid by the citizens directly, and a part is covered by the Treasury.

The direct and indirect costs of the projects made with the build-operate-transfer method to the citizens will be multiplied due to the increase in both exchange rates and US inflation.

The increasing cost will increase the burden of both the Treasury and the citizen directly.

SözcüAccording to the news of Emre Deveci from;” prof. Dr. Uğur Emek pointed out that the Treasury had a contingent liability of approximately 157 billion dollars within the scope of build-operate-transfer projects, and that US inflation was also taken into account in pricing, as well as exchange rates.

E.g; Stating that the guarantee fee per vehicle on the Osmangazi Bridge, where a daily pass guarantee of 40 thousand vehicles is given, was 2016 dollars plus VAT, in parallel with the US inflation, the figure was 35 dollars plus VAT in 2021. He said he will push it up.

While the October inflation in the USA reached the highest level in 6,2 years with 31 percent, the figure including VAT is likely to be around 2022 dollars in 48.

While converting the dollar-denominated figure to TL, the exchange rate dated January 2, 2022 will be taken into account, but today the exchange rate is 11,28 and the equivalent of 48 dollars is 541 TL.

It will have doubled in 5 and a half years

If the US inflation and the high course of the dollar rate continue, the cost of a single pass through the Osmangazi Bridge will exceed 500 TL.

When the bridge was opened in June 2016, the price was $35 plus VAT, and the approximate transit cost of a single vehicle was 2,89 TL at the $109 dollar rate of that period. In the 5,5 years that have passed, the cost in TL will have nearly doubled.

The Treasury both pays for the number of vehicles between the guaranteed and the actual transit, and also makes an additional payment for the vehicles that pass.

For example, the toll fee for a car across Osmangazi Bridge is 147,5 TL at the moment. However, this figure is well below the figure of 42 dollars plus VAT. The guaranteed amount for each pass is approximately 336 TL including VAT, and the Treasury pays the difference of approximately 188 TL for each vehicle.

At the beginning of 2021, there was a 25 percent increase in bridge and highway crossings. According to the increase rate in 2022, the difference payment of the Treasury will be determined again.

NÖMAYG Group, formed by Nurol, Özaltın, Makyol, Astaldi and Göçay companies, won the tender for the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir (İzmit Gulf Crossing and Connection Roads) Motorway Project (Istanbul - İzmir Motorway) on April 9, 2009.

In 2022, the treasury will pay 20 billion TL

prof. He stated that the bill of labor, bridge and highway guarantees to the Treasury is 2021 billion TL for 14, and the figure will increase to 2022 billion TL in 20.

For all build-operate-transfer projects, the bill to the budget, which was 2021 billion TL in 31, is expected to be 2022 billion TL in 42,5.

Stating that these figures are calculated according to the Treasury's exchange rate estimates, Emek said that the increase in exchange rates above the forecast is also likely to increase the budget costs.

Emek said that the city hospitals' budget for 2021, which was 16,4 billion TL for 2021, is expected to increase to 2022 billion TL in 21,5.

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