How to Protect Forests Painting Contest Begins

How to Protect Forests Painting Contest Begins
How to Protect Forests Painting Contest Begins

After the forest fires in 2021, Bornova Municipality organizes a painting competition for children to draw attention to the negative effects of global climate change and to raise awareness about the climate crisis. “How to Protect Forests?” For the award-winning competition on the subject, students must apply until 20 December 2021.

The competition, which is organized to raise awareness of children about the environment and nature, to learn about their imagination and to support their interest in painting, consists of 2 categories as primary school and secondary school. Students studying in all private and public schools within the borders of İzmir will be able to participate in the competition.

Prize Competition

The main theme of the competition, which is prepared to increase sensitivity and awareness on climate change and climate crisis, will be hope, solution, life in harmony with nature and the right to a fair life for all living things. “How to Protect Forests?” Quarter gold will be given to 3 students who ranked in the primary school category in the competition on the theme, while 3 students selected in the secondary school category will be given half gold as a success award.

Those who want to apply for the competition and get information can call 999 from the address or Bornova Municipality line 29 29 4904.

Children's imagination in the fight against forest fires

Reminding the fires that started in our country on July 28, 2021 and caused the loss of 12 thousand hectares of forest in Muğla and Antalya when extinguished on August 2021, 124, Bornova Mayor Dr. Mustafa İduğ said, “In order not to face such a sad picture again; We must act knowing that the climate crisis is not just an increase in temperature, it is a problem that threatens all life in the world and needs an urgent solution. We organized this competition with the thought that we need the vast imagination and colors of children in order to get away from the negative situations and the dark picture seen during the fight against fires and to look at life with hope.”

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