Microsoft Windows OneDrive

Microsoft Windows OneDrive

Microsoft Windows OneDrive

Microsoft has announced that it will no longer provide updates for its personal desktop OneDrive app. This applies to Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 operating systems and the change will begin January 1, 2022.

The company has confirmed that the OneDrive app will stop syncing files to the cloud for these operating systems from March 1, 2022. Microsoft has stated that Windows 8.1 will have support until January 10, 2023. It is worth mentioning when Windows 8.1 came out. When it was released, one of the defining features of the operating system was OneDrive integration.

In addition, it is said that Microsoft may end support for some features as we are nearing the end of support for the Windows 8.1 platform. On the other hand, support for Windows 8 ended already in 8.1, a few years after the release of Windows 2016. Windows 7 support ended in 2020, but the company is allowing businesses to pay for extended security updates until September 10, 2023.

If you're not clear about the OneDrive app, it's a sync client that helps you save your files to the cloud. When you click “Save as” and choose to save to OneDrive, your system uses the OneDrive desktop app to do the same.

Also, Microsoft's phasing out of support for older generation versions of Windows may require users to find an alternative to the OneDrive app. For users affected by this change, there are a few solutions they can try. Users can use the OneDrive web app, which allows them to upload and download files manually.

You can also install Windows 2025, which will have support until October 10. Apart from that, users can also use a different third-party cloud storage provider to save their files online.

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