NBA Raises Vaccine Restrictions!

nba coronavirus
nba coronavirus

A new situation is being talked about in the American Basketball League. New measures are being taken by the NBA for those who do not prefer to be vaccinated due to the corona virus disease. This means the restrictions that uncooked players will experience. In such a situation, while the comments of the players have not been received yet, the NBA also conveys these restrictions in detail.

In the statements made, the NBA completely restricts the lives of all its unvaccinated players. It can also be seen that there are certain restrictions on the existing freedoms within this scope. When you look at it, although the vaccine is created as a choice for the moment, certain rules are also created for those who are not vaccinated. The rules also mean that players lead a restricted life from start to finish.

NBA is on the agenda with its Restrictions for Non-Vaccinated!

At the moment, certain rules follow each other, as well as NBA players who do not want to be vaccinated and who state that they will not be vaccinated. To give an example of these, first of all, players are asked to take tests constantly. In addition, unvaccinated basketball players are required to take a test every day before entering the leagues and much more. This means a very difficult situation.

Not only is testing allowed, but players are almost not allowed to interact with those who have been vaccinated. They are not allowed to touch their closets, stay more than a certain distance, and be together indoors. Therefore, it is spoken that basketball players stay at their homes and hotels, except for mandatory situations.

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