Natural Stone Miners Will Take Italy as a Model in Occupational Safety

Natural Stone Miners Will Take Italy as a Model in Occupational Safety
Natural Stone Miners Will Take Italy as a Model in Occupational Safety

Natural Stone Miners will take Italy as an example in their Occupational Health and Safety Oriented Activities to Prevent Occupational Accidents and Injuries.

Aegean Mine Exporters' Association will organize a technical trip to Italy within the scope of the European Union project titled "Development of Occupational Health and Safety-Oriented Activities to Prevent Occupational Accidents and Injuries in the Natural Stone Mining Sector."

Expressing that they act with the motto of "Sustainable Mining", Aegean Mine Exporters' Association Chairman Mevlüt Kaya stated that one of the most important elements of sustainability is a working system that will improve working conditions and prevent work accidents, and that they have implemented a European Union Project for this purpose.

Pointing out that Italy is one of the most successful countries in the world in terms of “Occupational Health and Safety” in natural stone mining, Kaya said, “When we started our EU Project, we believed that it would be beneficial to organize a technical trip to Italy. We collected requests by making an announcement to our members, and we are carrying out this technical trip with representatives from 19 of our companies. Within the scope of the technical trip, a seminar will be organized by the Tuscany Region Occupational Health and Safety institutions, the National Institute for the Prevention of Occupational Accidents. Open and closed natural stone quarries in the Carrara region, the most important natural stone production center of Italy, will be visited and practices related to occupational safety will be examined on site. A training seminar on occupational safety will be held at the Carrara Chamber of Commerce. When our company officials return to Turkey and receive the training of our EU Project, they will have brought the occupational health and safety in the production facilities to EU standards”.

Natural stone exports increased by 24 percent

Turkey, in the 2021-month period of 10, increased its natural stone exports by 24 percent from 1 billion 393 million dollars to 1 billion 730 million dollars. While taking firm steps towards the 2021 billion dollars export target set for the end of 2, the members of the Aegean Mine Exporters Association provided the biggest contribution to this export with 607 million dollars.

In natural stone exports, China in Turkey and the USA in the Aegean

China took the first place in Turkey's natural stone exports with a demand of 528 million dollars, while the United States took the second place with 384 million dollars and France took the third place with 84 million dollars. Turkey exported natural stone to 171 countries.

The country to which the members of the Aegean Mineral Exporters' Association export the most, of which 75 percent of the total natural stone exports are processed products; The United States was in the second place with an amount of 188 million dollars, while China took the second place with 99 million dollars. In the ranking of the countries to which the Aegean mineral exporters export natural stones to 141 countries, Israel has the third place with 43 million dollars.

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