It is Possible to Relieve Baby's Colic Pains with Music Therapy

It is Possible to Relieve Baby's Colic Pains with Music Therapy
It is Possible to Relieve Baby's Colic Pains with Music Therapy

Emphasizing that especially the mother's voice means peace and security for the baby, Traditional Complementary Medicine Music Therapy Practitioner from VM Medical Park Ankara Hospital, Exp. Dr. Nihal Şimşek said that with music therapy, it is possible to relieve the colic pains of babies, reduce their stress and facilitate their adaptation to the environment.

Expressing that they recorded their mother's heart sounds and their own rhythm sounds while the baby was in his mother's womb with a music therapy recording, Uzm. Dr. Nihal Şimşek said, "We can make the baby listen to these recordings after birth, when necessary, to relieve colic pains, reduce stress and facilitate adaptation to the environment in the first years of his life."

Babies with music therapy method; Stating that they perceive their mother's voice as a sound coming from outside and their own heart sounds as a vibration while in the womb, Exp. from VM Medical Park Ankara Hospital. Dr. Nihal Şimşek, “In Music Therapy; we listen to her mother's heart sound, which we recorded while she was in her mother's womb, together with her own rhythm sounds and her mother's real voices. Thus, by renewing the feeling of trust in the baby, we help him overcome various problems that can be experienced in the first years of his life and even develop throughout his life.”

exp. Dr. Nihal Şimşek emphasized that the music therapy recording has turned into a precious gift for herself and her family, even after years.


Emphasizing that in various studies on Music Therapy, it has been shown that the newborn baby, mother's voice and mother's heart sound are beneficial in terms of medical and developmental aspects. Dr. Nihal Simsek; therefore, positive effects were observed when the sound recordings taken in the mother's womb were played to the babies in the neonatal intensive care unit.


exp. Dr. Nihal Şimşek listed the benefits of Music Therapy in babies as follows;

  • It restores confidence.
  • It allows them to fall asleep early.
  • Relieves colic pains.
  • It calms.
  • It provides adaptation to the environment in the first years of life.
  • It reduces stress in premature babies who need long-term care.
  • It provides positive behaviors in life processes that require special and only care.
  • It accelerates the healing process, development and transformation in various depression situations in the future.

exp. Dr. Nihal Şimşek added that babies with a Music Therapy record accelerate their recovery, positive development and adaptation processes in negative situations such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks and Alzheimer's, as well as in many physical and mental conditions.

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