The Best of Mobile Marketing Will Be Determined at SMARTIES

The Best of Mobile Marketing Will Be Determined at SMARTIES

The Best of Mobile Marketing Will Be Determined at SMARTIES

Innovative and successful campaigns of the mobile marketing world will find their owners at the SMARTIES Award Ceremony, which will be physically held in the 2nd week of December. The competition, organized for the 50th time this year by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), which contributes to the development of mobile marketing with its nearly 1000 members in 11 countries, will reward many successful teams and projects from Turkey and the world, while conveying the latest developments in the marketing world to thousands of participants. In its 11th year, under the name of “Creativity & Innovation Days”, SMARTIES will host opinion leaders from Turkey and the world within the framework of the themes of “AI & Innovation” on the 1st day, “Modern Marketing” on the 2nd day and “Creativity” on the 3rd day. More than 3 local and foreign speakers will take part in the 30-day event.


AI & Innovation, Modern Marketing and Creativity-themed panels will be held this year on SMARTIES Creativity & Innovation days, which will be held online between 7-9 December 2021. Panels on "AI&Innovation", the theme of the first day of the event, will take place on December 7, between 13.00 and 18.00. In this panel, where striking panels of global companies such as Reckitt, Facebook and AdColony will take place, artificial intelligence will be discussed under the moderation of WTech Founder and MMA Turkey AI & Innovation Executive Board Chairman Zehra Öney.

By transforming AI and Data into magnificent works of art, not only in our country; Refik Anadol, who is among the most important new media artists in the world with his works, will explain the details of the "Hope Alkazar" Project realized in cooperation with Nike, with Nike Turkey Country Manager Ahu Altuğ at MMA SMARTIES from Alkazar Cinema.


Commenting on the event, MMA President Ahmet Pura said, “This year's event includes very important names for modern marketing. We designed our event content according to the outputs of the MMA Awareness Survey, which we released to our members and industry followers at the beginning of the year. Participants who listen to the speeches of experts in the field of national and international marketing and technology for three days will also receive the MMA Creativity and Innovation Certificate.” Drawing attention to the importance of mobile in advertising investments, Ahmet Pura continued his words as follows: “With the continuation of the pandemic period, consumer habits have changed permanently. Mobile-intensive digital use took place in areas such as e-commerce, content consumption, education and games. Thus, the share of mobile in media and advertising investments of 2021 billion TL in the first half of 12,5 reached 65%. Mobil's share in digital has reached 68%.”

The 'Contribution of Advertising to Economy Report', compiled in cooperation with the Advertisers Association, Advertisers Association, IAB TR and MMA TR, will be launched on 30 November at the panel that will include the heads of the leading associations of the marketing industry. The report will be evaluated for the first time by MMA TR AND RVD President Ahmet PURA, IAB TR President Ayşen Akalın, Advertising Association President Volkan İkiler within the scope of SMARTIES Creativity & Innovation Days. The summit, which will host the opinion leaders of the marketing ecosystem, will also host the comedian Kaan Sekban, who has become the public's favorite with his creative social media content and donation campaigns, as a speaker.

Within the scope of "Modern Marketing", the subject of the second day of the event, local and foreign marketers from the sector will cover modern marketing trends, changing consumer needs, the Contribution of Advertising to the Economy Report and the Media Investments Report. One of the prominent names on the event agenda will be Bayer England and Ireland General Manager Oya Canbaş. In the "Creativity" section, which is the theme of the third day of the event, surprise names will address surprise topics and present both educational and instructive content to the audience in sessions such as "Woman's Hand in Creativity" and "Product Placement".


7-8-9 December SMARTIES Creativity and Innovation Days, sponsored by AdColony, Akbank, AppNext, Facebook, Garanti BBVA, YapıKredi, Türkiye İş Bankası; GANG, Sonntag, Digital Marketing Communication Platform (DPIP), Iab TR, Advertisers Association, Advertisers Support; Onedio will take place with the media sponsorship of Bloomberg Businessweek Turkey and Aina Pazarlama Communication Consultancy.

Here are some of the speakers who will take part in the event:

  • Ahmet PURA – Chairman of the Board of MMA TR
  • Refik Anadol – New Media Artist
  • Ahu Altuğ – Nike Turkey Country Manager
  • Oya Canbaş – Bayer UK & Ireland General Manager
  • Kaan Sekban – Presenter, Actor
  • Zeynep Dipçin Akdoğan – Head of Eti Marketing Group
  • Alper Sezer – Getir Digital Marketing Manager
  • Neslihan Kama – Reckitt Brand Manager
  • Lex Bradshaw Zanger – L'Oreal CMO

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