What is the Connection between Metaverse and Society 5.0?

What is the Connection between Metaverse and Society 5.0?
What is the Connection between Metaverse and Society 5.0?

Halıcı Group CEO and Society 5.0 Academy President Dr. Hüseyin Halıcı made a presentation on "Society 5.0" by meeting with the students within the scope of the "Robotics and Automation Summit" organized by Gebze Technical University IEEE.

Starting his presentation with Mark Zuckerberg's renaming of Facebook as "Meta" and bringing the virtual reality technology metaverse to the agenda, Dr. Carpet; Referring to the term metaverse, he said, “What does this word actually say? He talks about a digital world where the real world and the virtual world are integrated together. We can consider Society 5.0 as the spread of this to the whole society.” said.


Telling the history of industrial revolutions Industry 1.0, Industry 2.0 and Industry 3.0, Dr. Halıcı talked about the starting point of Industry 4.0, which is accepted as the last industrial revolution, and stated that physical labor will not take place in human life in the future.

Noting that each country has its own unique idea for the concept of digital transformation, Dr. Halıcı said, “The USA said industrial internet. Chinese; When he saw that the rules of the game had changed and that there was a transition from physical to mental, he said 'Made in China' by targeting 2025 to make products with better technology. Europe said Industry 4.0. Developed countries such as Singapore in Asia are smart cities, he said. But Japan came up with the concept of Society 5.0 because it had to be considered social.” used the phrases.


Talking about the added value of the digitalization of the industry, Dr. Halıcı stated that labor costs, which is one of the biggest expense items, would decrease if the work is done by systems and machines in factories in the industry today. Dr. Halıcı said that this situation; He stated that many things such as automobiles and mobile phones will directly affect the sales price and that they can be purchased at a much more affordable price.

Stating that digital transformation will change people's lifestyles along with the way they work, Dr. Halici underlined that transformation is a necessity rather than a necessity.


The term metaverse, which was first used in the science fiction novel "Snow Crash" written by the US writer Neal Stephenson, was used as an abbreviation of the term meta-universe and means "fictional universe".

metaverse; virtual worlds, augmented realities and the internet come together and all human emotions felt in the physical world can also be felt in the digital world.

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