150 Mercedes-Benz Actros 1848 LSnRL Joins Mars Logistics Fleet

150 Mercedes-Benz Actros 1848 LSnRL Joins Mars Logistics Fleet
150 Mercedes-Benz Actros 1848 LSnRL Joins Mars Logistics Fleet

The leader of the truck product group market, Mercedes-Benz Türk delivered a total of 1989 Mercedes-Benz Actros 2021 LSnRLs in 150 to Mars Logistics, which started its operations in Istanbul in 1848. After this huge acquisition, Angel held a delivery ceremony at Blue Restaurant. This delivery is the first major business partnership between Mercedes-Benz Türk and Mars Logistics.

Mercedes-Benz Türk Chairman of the Executive Board Süer Sülün, Mercedes-Benz Türk Truck Marketing and Sales Director Alper Kurt, Mercedes-Benz Türk Truck Fleet Sales Group Manager Yusuf Adıgüzel, Mercedes-Benz Türk TruckStore Group Manager Oytun Balıkçıoğlu, Has Otomotiv Board of Directors Chairman Latif Karaali, Has Automotive Board Member Reşat Kara, Has Automotive Commercial Vehicles Director Turan Dik, Has Automotive Truck Sales Manager Erdem Bahadır, Mars Logistics Chairman of the Board Garip Sahillioğlu, Mars Logistics Board Member Gökşin Günhan, Mars Logistics Fleet Operations General Manager Assistant Erkan Özyurt, Mars Logistics Automotive Group Deputy General Manager Abdülkadir Yanık, Mars Logistics Fleet Tractor-Trailer Management and Maintenance and Repair Manager Kerem Karaduman and Mars Logistics Corporate Communications and Brand Management Manager Kader Özal attended.

Alper Kurt, Mercedes-Benz Turkish Truck Marketing and Sales Director, in his speech, said, “This delivery has a special importance for us as Mercedes-Benz Turk. As a result of this business partnership, our valued customer Mars Logistics added vehicles bearing the Mercedes-Benz star to its fleet for the first time. We are extremely proud that our vehicles, which have the quality and equipment worthy of this valuable business partnership, are in their fleet. With the support we have provided as Mercedes-Benz Türk and Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, the extensive service network and interest of our after-sales services, our brand's second-hand brand is used by Mars Logistics, one of the large-scale companies operating in the fields of international transportation, storage and distribution, in favor of our brand. Factors such as maintaining its value were effective. I wish Mars Logistics good luck with our Actros 1848 LSnRL model produced in Aksaray Truck Factory, and I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the sale.” said.

Mars Logistics Chairman of the Board of Directors Garip Sahillioğlu, “As Mars Logistics, we have been taking care to be a reliable company, to always increase our service quality and to work with the right business partners since the day we were founded. While expanding our fleet, we always work with the best and most reliable companies in the industry, such as Mercedes-Benz. Today, we are happy to realize an important investment. We believe that we will carry our flawless service quality even higher with the 150 Actros 1848 LSnRL tow trucks we have added to our fleet. The low fuel consumption of Mercedes-Benz Actros 1848 LSnRLs, and favorable financing conditions provided by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, together with the extensive service network of Mercedes-Benz, were effective in the realization of this purchase. We would like to thank all Mercedes-Benz Türk managers and employees and the valuable managers of Has Automotive Istanbul Dealer for offering us a product that can compete in the international arena. I believe that we will establish new collaborations in the coming period as well. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this beautiful organization…”

Mercedes-Benz Authorized Dealer Has Automotive Chairman of the Board Latif Karaali In his speech at the ceremony; “As Has Automotive, we are extremely happy and proud to have contributed to the sale of 150 vehicles to Mars Logistics. Our Mercedes-Benz Actros 1848 LSnRL vehicles, with which we brought Mars Logistics together, meet the needs of heavy vehicle users with their comfort, safety and design, while also offering high second-hand sales value. In addition to all these, it stands out with its commercial performance, both with its road performance, maintenance intervals of up to 120.000 km and the advantages of reducing maintenance costs by 20 percent. I wish Mars Logistics, which has chosen Mercedes-Benz for the first time, good luck and good luck with its vehicles.” said.

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