MAN Trucknology Generation 3 Technology Is Beyond Time

MAN Trucknology Generation 3 Technology Is Beyond Time
MAN Trucknology Generation 3 Technology Is Beyond Time

MAN Trucknology Generation 3 (TG3) technology overcomes not only distances but also time barriers and carries its users to the limits of the future. Incorporating the International Truck of the Year 2021 award, the MAN TG3 series raises the standards to the highest level.

This is the latest generation of MAN's unique Trucknology Generation series; 5 years of R&D studies, 12 million hours of work in total, 2,8 million lines of computer code, 4 million km of test drives, were developed by interviewing 2.100 MAN employees and 3.000 drivers. With its advanced technology and superior qualities, the MAN TG3 series offers 'Lifetime Business Partners'; It offers many unique opportunities such as 'Maximum Dependency', 'Minimum Lifetime Cost', 'Optimum Road and Driving Safety', 'Comfortable Driving and Living Space', 'High Level of Human and Vehicle Interaction'.

MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc. General Manager Tuncay Bekiroğlu: “Humanity is living the Digital Age at full speed and the world is passing through a threshold. With this awareness, Trucknology Generation 3 technology strengthens the power of our lifelong business partners, kazancinna kazanIt was developed with the aim of adding three.” MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc. Truck

Sales Director Serkan Sara: “Thanks to its digital platform, TG3 is in contact with all components of the logistics industry. It does route, load and driver planning. Follows service needs. It allows us to see the whole process in detail, including driver skills, and manage it remotely. Driving assistance systems maximize safety.”

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