Lodos Flys Roof Repair Demands in Istanbul, Tekirdağ and Bursa

Lodos Flys Roof Repair Demands in Istanbul, Tekirdağ and Bursa
Lodos Flys Roof Repair Demands in Istanbul, Tekirdağ and Bursa

Demands for Window Door, Dish Antenna and Glass Repair services, especially Roof Repair, increased due to the southeastern part of Turkey, which affected especially the western parts of the country.

While the southeastern storms that affect our country continue, those who do not want to take precautions against the weather conditions in the winter months continue their preparations. According to the data of Turkey's largest online service platform Armut.com; It has been observed that the interest in Roof Repair, Window Door, Pimapen repair and dish antenna adjustment services has increased with the effect of the southeastern storms that have occurred since the beginning of this week.

The highest increase in demands was experienced in Istanbul, Tekirdağ and Bursa.

Preparations for the winter gained speed with the southwestern part. The southeastern storm, which started this week, increased the demand for roof repair and transfer services. Accordingly, cracking repair and transfer services rose 281 percent above the weekly average and stood out as the services with the highest demand increase. Another service that experienced an increase was Window Door and Pimapen Repair with an increase of 190 percent and Glass repair services with an increase of 163 percent.

Other services that increased with the extraordinary weather were the wind-damaged satellite dishes. It was noteworthy that the number of requests for Dish Antenna Adjustment service increased by 2.5 times.

Parallel to the effect of the southwest storm in the western parts, the most interest in services came from Istanbul, Tekirdağ and Bursa. The increase in demand in a week was 210 percent in Istanbul, 125 percent in Tekirdağ and 116 percent in Bursa.

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