The Wolf Bridge with a Masjid in its Belt Fascinates Those Who See It

Those who see the wolf bridge with a mosque on its belt amaze
Photo: Vezirköprü District Governorship

The historical Kurt Bridge, which has a 'mosque' on its main arch and has been preserved for 7 centuries, is a bridge between the past and the present.
The 7-century-old Kurt Köprü, located on the İstavroz Stream in the Tekkekıran District of Samsun's Vezirköprü district and attracting attention with its mosque in its arch, attracts the attention of citizens as one of the important places for tourism with its history, architecture and natural beauties around it.

It is 3 km from Tekkekıran village of Vezirköprü district. distance and located on the Istavroz stream, Kurt Köprü is composed of two large pointed arches on a high leg. There are three arches in the form of pointed arched windows, one between the two arches and on their sides. The part that comes to the two slopes of the stream is supported by natural rocks and soil.

The crossing section of the bridge is straight and has been severely damaged as in other parts. The pillar of the bridge is in the form of a thick pillar, and there are five rectangular breakwaters at the bottom. The window view of the bridge is partly Roman and Byzantine burial steles and architectural fragments, partly cut stone and partly irregular stones, on the part up to the beginning of the small arches.

From the beginnings of Kemer 13.-14. There is a solid knitting system consisting of 3 rows of bricks and a row of cut stones, which are frequently seen in the century and also found in Byzantine period architecture. Three rows of bricks and a row of stone knitting system were repeated in the main arch sections as the bricks were placed vertically.

Brick material was used entirely in the small arch. When the architectural style and knitting system on the bridge are examined, it is seen that the 13th-14th It gives the impression that it may have been made in the century. However, it is mentioned that there was a bridge at the same place in the same period.

1 km from the bridge. There is another ancient bridge ruin at a distance. As a result of the destruction of the ancient bridge, it is more plausible that it was built in the 13th century and reached this day with various repairs. The bridge that connects Vezirköprü's Tekkekıran and Havza's Kayabaşı (Tahna) villages can be used with minor repairs.

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