Land and Weapon Systems Workshop Held in Ankara

Land and Weapon Systems Workshop Held in Ankara
Land and Weapon Systems Workshop Held in Ankara

Land and Weapon Systems Workshop, organized by Aselsan with the theme of “Let's Design the Future Today”, was held in Ankara.

Speaking at the Land and Weapon Systems Workshop, SSB President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir said, “As the SSB, we have been continuing our work for a long time so that our needy authorities can be ready for the combat environments of the future, in addition to their current needs. As the Presidency, in addition to our support and contributions in the process of determining the need, we continue to work with the support of all our stakeholders to shorten our internal processes after the need is notified to our Presidency and to enter the product into the inventory of the authorities in need as soon as possible. One of the issues we pay attention to in the projects we carry out is the effort and sensitivity we show to ensure continuous improvement by receiving feedback from the user who has been in the operation field and to design the product in a way that will meet the need until it is taken out of the inventory within the framework of the current technology constraints.” said.

Stating that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan often draws attention to the public-private balance in the defense industry, Demir said, “The point our industry has reached today requires the start of a different process, or rather the realization of what we have been trying to do for a long time, in all its dimensions. Our foundation companies or generally public-oriented companies should focus on strategic and medium-long-term business and pave the way for the private sector and our SMEs. We know that all our foundation companies attach importance to this issue, but we have to further strengthen, show and deepen the importance we attach to this issue.”

“We must manage human resources and budget effectively”

Stating that the human resources and the budget are very valuable, SSB President Demir continued, “In the same vein, I would like to express that our human resources and budget are very valuable. Our industry has reached this point today because our human resources work with an extraordinary performance. We need to manage this human resource and budget effectively. At this point, our public-oriented companies should implement the focus policy effectively instead of trying to exist in all areas. Focusing on the areas of experience, knowledge and talent and not distributing the main focus points is an indispensable principle for an effective human resources and budget management. We are currently designing what capabilities we will need in the combat environment of the future and which weapon systems we will acquire these capabilities with, which will be game changers on the battlefield, so we continue to work on meeting the needs with advanced technology, high quality and on time.” made statements.

President of the Presidency of Defense Industry (SSB) Prof. Land and Weapon Systems Workshop. Dr. In addition to İsmail Demir, the representatives of the Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Interior, Presidency of Defense Industries, Aselsan and companies operating in the sector attended.

Source: defenceturk

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