10 Mistakes That Raise Blood Sugar

10 Mistakes That Raise Blood Sugar

10 Mistakes That Raise Blood Sugar

A blood sugar level above a certain level is defined as 'diabetes'. The high level of sugar in the blood is not neglected, because by causing damage to the vessels; It can cause many serious problems, from heart attack to stroke, from kidney failure to permanent vision loss. Therefore, it is of great importance that the blood sugar is at ideal values ​​in order to protect it from the damage it causes to our body. However, there are some mistakes we make that can quickly raise blood sugar. Acıbadem Fulya Hospital Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Ozan Kocakaya talked about 10 mistakes that raise blood sugar; made important suggestions and warnings

ignoring the symptoms

Drinking a lot of water, urinating too often, ignoring symptoms such as visual disturbances, weight loss, tiredness – delays the diagnosis and treatment of high blood sugar.

eating unhealthy

Consuming sugary or processed foods with sugar, oil and salt is also one of the most important factors that increase blood sugar.

Watching for loss of muscle mass

Muscles burn sugar to survive. Therefore, not doing enough exercise limits the amount of energy spent and causes sugar to remain in the body without being burned. As a result, blood sugar reaches high values. Make sure to move around and exercise regularly so you don't lose your muscle mass. Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Ozan Kocakaya states that even light physical activity such as walking is extremely effective in burning sugar.

Ignoring family history

Ignoring that there are people diagnosed with diabetes in the family is also one of the important mistakes that raise blood sugar. "Our genetic heritage is not our destiny, but it warns us about what issues we need to be more aware of," said Dr. Ozan Kocakaya reminds you that if there is diabetes in your family, especially your first-degree relatives, you should be careful about the symptoms, and if you have a complaint, you should consult a doctor without wasting time.

Ignoring past illnesses

If you have had diseases such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, gestational diabetes and pancreatitis, do not forget them. Because those who have these diseases at some point in their lives are more prone to diabetes in later ages. Therefore, do not forget to have your blood sugar measured at least once a year.

delay treatment

Another important mistake that raises blood sugar is to delay the treatment. Pointing out that diabetics should take their medications regularly, Dr. Ozan Kocakaya, "Whether it is a pill or insulin, not continuing diabetes treatment regularly raises blood sugar and exposes you to diseases caused by diabetes."
Using drugs unconsciously
Using drugs that can increase blood sugar unconsciously is also an important mistake that should not be made. Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Ozan Kocakaya, “Cortisone or some drugs with diuretic properties, even some seemingly innocent flu drugs can have serious effects on sugar metabolism. Therefore, listen carefully to your doctor's dietary recommendations and whether blood sugar monitoring is necessary.

consuming excessive sugar when blood sugar drops

One of the most common mistakes made when blood sugar drops is consuming too much sugar. Dr. Ozan Kocakaya said, “The decrease in blood sugar, that is, hypoglycemia, is an extremely disturbing and worrying situation. This picture, which can start with irritability, sweating and palpitations and progress to loss of consciousness, can cause panic in patients with low blood sugar and consume high amounts of sugar or sugar-containing foods and beverages until their symptoms improve. "You may experience a drop in blood sugar from time to time due to treatment," said Dr. Ozan Kocakaya, “In this case, you should drink a single cube of sugar or half a glass of fruit juice without panicking, then wait for 15 minutes and measure again and evaluate whether you need to make a correction once again. Because when your blood sugar drops, if you consume excessive sugar, this time it starts to rise excessively.

Gaining weight

In people who gain weight, the hormones released from the increased adipose tissue prevent the insulin hormone, which allows sugar to enter the cells, from doing its job. Since insulin cannot be used effectively, sugar cannot enter the cells and begins to accumulate in the bloodstream. As a result, diabetes develops.

To smoke

Although the nicotine in cigarettes suppresses appetite in the short term and increases the metabolic rate, it has been revealed that it paves the way for the formation of diabetes in the long term. In a study in the United States, in which 18 adults between the ages of 30-5115 were followed for 7 years and the data were compiled; It has been proven that the nicotine in cigarettes causes weight gain, increases bad fats in the blood and lowers good cholesterol, and also triggers insulin resistance. "If your blood sugar is high, the first thing you need to do is seek help for it, and the second is to quit smoking," said Dr. Ozan Kocakaya points out that in order to quit smoking, you should consult your doctor, nurse, pharmacist, be involved in smoking cessation programs or call the "Alo 171" quit smoking line.

Why does blood sugar rise?

Every piece of our food is broken down into the smallest building blocks by the digestive system, and the sugar in them is revealed. This is because all the cells in our body need sugar to function. Sugar molecules can enter the cells where they will provide energy with the hormone insulin. Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Ozan Kocakaya says, “If your body does not have insulin or your body does not respond to insulin correctly, sugar cannot enter the cells and starts to accumulate in the bloodstream.” A fasting blood glucose of 110-125 milligrams/dl, a blood glucose of 200 mg/dl two hours after a meal, or a random blood glucose measurement of more than 200 mg/dl in a person with symptoms of high blood glucose level can confirm the diagnosis. is putting

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