İzmir's Second Culture Park, Dr. Behçet Uz Recreation Area Put into Service

İzmir's second Kültürpark, Dr. Behçet Uz Recreation Area Put into Service
İzmir's second Kültürpark, Dr. Behçet Uz Recreation Area Put into Service

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer's promise to renew before the election within the framework of a "greener Izmir" vision. Behçet Uz Recreation Area was put into service with its new face. Speaking at the opening ceremony, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç SoyerStating that they have brought a second Kültürpark to the city with this project, “Dr. Let our Behçet Uz recreation area be a fire of hope so that all of us can live much more peacefully and happily on these lands.”

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerPromised during the election period with the vision of "a greener Izmir", Dr. Behçet Uz Recreation Area was put into service with its renewed face. Located at the junction of Bornova, Konak and Buca districts, the 180 thousand square meter giant recreation area has been completely renovated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Parks and Gardens Department. Environmental renovations were also carried out by the teams of the Department of Science Affairs.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor attended the opening ceremony of the recreation area. Tunç Soyer and his wife Neptün Soyer, as well as Konak Mayor Abdül Batur, Bornova Mayor Mustafa İduğ, CHP Konak District President Akın Küçükoğulları, CHP Bornova District President Ertürk Çapın, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Council IYI Party Group Deputy Chairman Kemal Sevinç, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Buğra Gökçe, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Eser Atak, Yıldız Devran, Ertuğrul Tugay, Dr. Behçet Uz's grandchild Kurtul Kaptanoğlu and his wife Yeşim Kaptanoğlu, their daughter Lara Kaptanoğlu, grandson Gül Vardarlı and his wife Nüvit Vardarlı and their son Tan Vardarlı, representatives of chambers and non-governmental organizations, neighborhood headmen and many citizens attended.

İzmir's second Kültürpark

In his speech at the opening, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor started his speech by conveying his happiness that the area, which has been idle for a long time, has been renewed and brought back to life. Tunç Soyer, “180 thousand square meters of Recreation Area; Buca is located at the junction of Konak and Bornova districts. This renewed area, with its city terrace overlooking the Izmir Bay, children's playgrounds, sports activities and recreation areas, will be one of the new attraction centers of our city, where all Izmir residents, especially these three districts, will breathe. With this project, we are establishing a second Kültürpark in our city.”

25 million new living space

President giving information about the renovation works in the recreation area Tunç Soyer“In our renovation project, which we realized with an investment of 25 million 321 thousand liras, we took under protection 3 thousand 150 trees in the park before and planted 497 new trees in the area. Within the scope of İzmir's Living in Harmony with Nature Strategy, we used plant species in our recreation area that are completely suitable for the nature of the Mediterranean and İzmir region and do not require much water. Thus, we are struggling with drought, one of the most painful problems of the climate crisis. Our Living Parks project, in which we re-strengthen the integrity of the ecosystem, is the product of a holistic approach that focuses on common life and adopts learning from nature, where we protect the ancient production basins. We planned and implemented the Behçet Uz Park with this understanding. I know that Dr. Behçet Uz Recreation Area with all its aspects; It will make invaluable contributions to our vision of living in harmony with nature and our goal of green infrastructure. It will be a brand new breathing space for our citizens living in the surrounding neighborhoods of our city.”

“Let there be a fire of hope”

In the last part of Soyer's speech, Dr. Reminding the mission of Behçet Uz to establish Kültürpark, he said, “In Turkey, which has returned to the place of fire today, I wish this park to serve as a spark for the economic and social welfare and salvation of this nation again. And let there be a fire of hope so that we can all live in this land much more peacefully and much more happily.”

“An amazing work has emerged”

In his words, Dr. Because of the naming of Behçet Uz Tunç SoyerKonak Mayor Abdül Batur, who started by expressing his thanks to . We visited this place two years ago. We said that the hand of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality should be touched here. As a green-loving President Tunç Soyer, he carefully inclined to the subject. An amazing piece of work came out today. It is a work in which all kinds of functions are considered, where all the citizens of the city, young and old, can come to an arrangement. These areas are areas that will give the city a breath of fresh air. On behalf of the citizens of Konakli, I would like to thank our President.

“It is an investment that will be quadrupled in today's economy”

Bornova Mayor Mustafa İduğ, who came to the podium after Batur, said, “A figure of 25 million was mentioned. It is an investment that can be made at least four times in today's economy. Therefore, I would like to thank our bureaucrats, secretaries general and our President who contributed to this issue. During our mayoral candidacy, our Tunç mayor said, 'We have come to make the necessary investments in the upper neighborhoods'. This investment is very valuable for the upper neighborhoods. It was a breathing space. The creation of such sports areas and breathing spaces in this period when the drug has fallen to the age of 13 has a full social state and socialist municipality understanding. In the two-and-a-half-year period, only this area was not built in Bornova. With the investments of the Metropolitan, the Pool Izmir was opened in Bornova. Gokdere Animal Shelter will be opened soon. Solid Waste Center was added to Bornova. Renovation of Peterson Mansion, 19 kilometers of bicycle path, construction of Homer Valley, 7th and 8th branches of People's Grocery are the things that have been done in our district.

“Izmir Loyalty”

Chair, Dr. In memory of Behçet Uz, his grandson Kurtul Kaptanoğlu came to the podium. After the great Izmir fire, Dr. Telling the story of Behçet Uz's establishment of Kültürpark for the social and economic development of the city, Kaptanoğlu said, “My grandfather was green and a lover of İzmir. He built an area like Kültürpark to revolt İzmir. Despite all the impossibilities, he founded Kültürpark with the support of the people of Izmir. Such an area should not be evaluated only as a park. The ways of not betraying a city is to bring such places to the public. İzmir is so lucky that 80 years after the mayorship ended, Behçet Uz's name is given to one of Turkey's largest parks, showing a great example of loyalty.”

Bornova's Çamkule Neighborhood Mukhtar Hüseyin Şimşek is also the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, who has brought this area where the people will breathe and where the youth and children can do sports to his districts. Tunç SoyerHe thanked.

recreation tour

President after the opening ceremony Tunç Soyer, toured the giant recreation area with the presidents and the people of Izmir. Soyer started the tour by testing the Emergency Button, which is located in the park for the first time in İzmir and allows citizens to activate the security forces by pressing them in case of emergency. Then, Soyer came together with the students of the Aegean Contemporary Education Foundation, who were the first visitors of the park, and gave flowers to the trainers in the field of traffic education in memory of 24 November Teachers' Day. Soyer met with the athletes of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club, Gültepe Sports Club and Çamkule Sports Club in the FIFA standards football field established in the recreation area, and presented the awards to the athletes who came first in the opening tournament. Then Soyer and the presidents took penalties with the athletes.

The memory of Behçet Uz against the most beautiful view of İzmir

In the square, which is located at the farthest point of the area and sees İzmir from above, the former Mayor of İzmir and former Minister of Health Dr. The statue of Behçet Uz was inaugurated. Izmir fire on the granite plates in front of the statue, the opening of the fair and Dr. Sections of Behçet Uz's life were included.

Sports opportunities for young people

Dr. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor within the scope of the renovation works of Behçet Uz Recreation Area Tunç SoyerIn line with the goal of making Izmir a youth and sports city, the football field in the field was brought to FIFA standards. Changing rooms and a 500-seat tribune were built. In the recreation area, there are 480 meters long tartan jogging track and 800 meters long bicycle track, fitness area at 4 different points, traffic training park for children, playgrounds, sports and picnic areas. In addition, a square has been added to the area where organizations such as concerts and theater can be held. A 600 square meter children's playground was created in the recreation area, and the area was equipped with new generation children's playgrounds. The security of the park was ensured with night lighting and a camera system. The area was put into service in 2001 by the mayor of the time, Ahmet Piriştina.

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