Another 100 Electric Buses and 55 Midibuses Are Coming to Izmir

Another 100 Electric Buses and 55 Midibuses Are Coming to Izmir
Another 100 Electric Buses and 55 Midibuses Are Coming to Izmir

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate has allocated approximately 2022 percent of the 40 budget to the purchase of new vehicles, materials, equipment and the construction of new facilities. By the end of this year, 22 new midibuses will arrive. Next year, another 100 electric buses and 33 midibuses will be purchased.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate, which has included 2,5 new buses in its fleet in the last 435 years, has allocated approximately 40 percent of its budget for next year to new investments. ESHOT purchased 22 more midibus type vehicles, which are more suitable for narrow streets and hilly districts of the city, and paid the cost of these vehicles to the State Supply Office (DMO), which amounts to approximately 19 million TL. Midibuses will arrive and be put into service by the end of this year.

ESHOT will include 33 of the same vehicles in its fleet next year. In addition, 2030 more electric buses will be purchased in 40, in line with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2022 percent by 100. Thus, the total of the electric vehicles in the ESHOT fleet will reach 120. ESHOT will also stipulate the construction of charging stations in the specification of the tender for electric vehicles.

President's target, 120 percent will be realized

With the arrival of these vehicles, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Tunç Soyer The number of new buses purchased during the period will reach 606. President Soyer's target of “500 new buses in five years” will be exceeded and will be realized by 120 percent. ESHOT General Directorate still provides public transportation services with a total of 90 buses, including 1049 midibuses, 641 solo buses and 1780 articulated buses.

SPP investments will also continue

While ESHOT General Directorate works towards the goal of increasing the number of electric buses in its fleet, it also continues its solar power plant (GES) investments. Thanks to the GES, which was implemented on a total roof area of ​​2017 thousand square meters in 10 at the Gediz Garage facilities, more than 4 million TL savings have been achieved to date. All 72 electric buses are charged with 20 percent of the electricity produced. The increased 34% energy is used for workshop needs.

Thanks to electric vehicles and SPPs, 22 million 1 thousand 919 liters of fuel were saved as of November 183. 5 million 237 thousand 996 kilowatt-hour electrical energy was produced. The amount of carbon dioxide that was prevented from being released reached 7 thousand 725 tons. Considering that the number of trees required to filter all this toxic emission “in one day” is approximately 200 thousand, the importance of SPPs will be understood much better.

In line with the "zero carbon emission" target of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in 2050; Gediz, Karşıyaka The preparatory work for the SPP projects to be implemented on the roofs of the garages in Ataşehir and Buca Adatepe continues. After these investments, 4 million 260 thousand kilowatt-hours of electricity will be produced annually. Thus, 62 percent of the annual energy needed for the entire ESHOT will be provided from the sun. On the other hand, the energy needs of 65 closed stops throughout the city are still supplied from the sun. Efforts continue to increase this number to 225.

Failure rate dropped eight times

Working for the purpose of carrying out the routine maintenance of the buses in a planned and regular manner, the Periodic Maintenance Branch Directorate thoroughly overhauls 5-6 vehicles every day. Thanks to preventive measures, a great decrease in failure rates was achieved. The failure rate, which was more than 10 percent before, decreased to 1.6 percent. Periodic maintenance of 13 buses has been carried out in the last 1100 months, and this number is expected to reach 1800 by the end of the year. The newly established “mineral oil automation system” extends the engine life of vehicles.

Old vehicles are renewed

Worn out vehicles of the ESHOT fleet are taken into maintenance at the workshops. All components, from floors to floors, from electrical installations to air conditioners and paint, are completely renewed. Even new engines are made for needed vehicles. Within the scope of the works, 350 buses have been renewed as if they were ex-factory. There will be no vehicles that are not renewed within the determined plan.

Bicycles are also transported

In line with its strategy of promoting bicycle transportation in the city, all of ESHOT's new buses have two bicycle carriers as fabricated. As a result of the assembly works carried out on old buses in ESHOT workshops, a total of 28 buses, equivalent to 500 percent of the fleet, can also carry bicycle passengers. In addition, passengers with folding bikes and electric scooters can board all buses with their vehicles, except between 06.00-09.00 and 16.00-20.00.

Bus fleet got younger

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer When he took office, the average age of the fleet was 12.6. This figure decreased to 8 with the new vehicles purchased and after the old vehicles were deducted from the fleet. It is seen that the average age of 2009 vehicles in the fleet, which were produced in 1281 and later and still routinely serve, is 5.5, which is also below the European standards. The fruits of this will begin to be reaped in the short term. In the next year, important cost items such as depreciation, fuel, maintenance-repair, spare parts will decrease significantly.

60 million TL advertising revenue for ESHOT

ESHOT General Directorate; held a tender for the use of buses, stops and transfer centers for advertising purposes for five years. The winning company will pay 4 million TL to ESHOT for the right to use 998 bus stops and 900 buses for advertising purposes. The company will also establish a total of 60 audio and video digital information platforms and a passenger information system at bus stops, stops and transfer centers. These systems will be handed over to ESHOT General Directorate at the end of five years.

İZTAŞIT will become widespread

The project for the integration of individual transporters in the surrounding districts into the public transportation system was first implemented in Seferihisar under the name İZTAŞIT. Thanks to the application, rural areas that cannot be served by ESHOT are also included in the public transportation network. Citizens aged 60 and 65 living here, relatives of martyrs and veterans, the disabled, students and teachers; started to use free and discounted public transportation rights. With the removal of minibuses, the period of cash in public transportation came to an end. İzmirim Card usage started, and travel comfort and safety increased thanks to the new buses. Work on the implementation of the project in other surrounding districts and negotiations with individual transportation cooperatives continue.

Discounts for students

The student boarding fee of 1.80 TL was reduced in November 2019; The fee was reduced to 1.64 TL. Students also benefit from the 120-minute transfer system free of charge. Likewise, citizens and teachers aged 60 can benefit from all public transportation vehicles for 120 minutes without paying any transfer fee. The monthly savings provided to each student is approximately 106 TL.

Increasing female drivers

President Tunç SoyerIn line with the instructions of , the era of female drivers in municipal buses began. Currently, 110 female drivers are working successfully. The target next year is to increase this number to 140…

ESHOT Mobile Application

ESHOT Mobile Application was launched with its renewed design and content. User-friendly application that can be downloaded free of charge to smartphones and tablets; It provides all the information and convenience needed in public transportation with its many features from travel planning to loading Izmirim Card balance and giving automatic payment orders, from notification of route changes to stop alarm.

Special "I'm at Stop" software for the visually impaired

The “I'm at the Stop” application, which will enable visually impaired passengers with İzmirimim Cards to board buses without assistance from anyone, was put into service for the first time in Turkey via the ESHOT Mobile Application in İzmir. Visually impaired passengers use the 'I'm at the station' tab in ESHOT Mobil. He informs the line number of the bus he wants to board and the stop to get on. The notification appears on the information screen of the first bus approaching the stop. Thus, ESHOT drivers know at which stop the visually impaired passengers are waiting. The system constantly informs both the driver and the waiting visually impaired passenger that the vehicle is approaching the stop. When the bus approaches the stop, an audible warning is made both from the system and from the loudspeaker mounted on the outside of the vehicles. The system also notifies the visually impaired passenger at the stop they want to get off at.

Buses on Google Maps

ESHOT General Directorate bus lines can be seen instantly in the Google Maps application. Travel times according to line information, timetable, route-stop and instant traffic conditions can be easily accessed via Google Maps. Google Maps; It also shows Metro, Tram, İZDENİZ and İZBAN timetable information. With the inclusion of ESHOT in the system, all alternatives of public transportation can be seen together in İzmir. Thus, citizens and tourists can determine the most suitable routes for themselves on the routes they will go.

Free internet on buses

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality also included ESHOT buses in its free and wireless internet service, which it started in 2015 under the name WizmirNET. The pilot application started on 10 university-connected lines, with a total of 60 vehicles. Citizens using these buses can connect to WizmirNET on their mobile phones and benefit from internet service by following the desired steps. Once a connection is made, mobile phones are automatically connected to the internet during other boardings in the same vehicle. From the application; 2020 passengers in 177; As of 788 October this year, 31 thousand passengers benefited.

30 new bus lines opened

With the change and development of the city, 0 new bus lines were put into service in the regions needed and in line with the demands of university students. These;

  • 882 / İ.YTE – Urla
  • 41 / Levent – ​​Customs
  • 330 / Karşıyaka – Evka 3 Metro
  • 816 / Çiğli Regional Training Hospital – Çiğli Transfer
  • 515 / Evka 3 Metro-Tınaztepe
  • 322 / Evka 6 – Mustafa Kemal Mah. – Bostanli Pier
  • 883 / İ.YTE – Fahrettin Altay Express
  • 966 / Ulucak – Evka 3Metro
  • 834 / Yeni Mahalle – Aliağa Transfer Center
  • 799 / Çatalca – Cumaovası Transfer Center
  • 236 / Şirinyer Transfer Center – Customs
  • 491 / Irmak Mahallesi – Cistern Transfer Center
  • 692 / Karakuyu – Beet Transfer Center
  • 831 / Demircidere – Bergama
  • 832 / Yukaricuma – Bergama
  • 833 / Sunny – Bergama
  • 513 / Gazi Square – Halkapınar Metro
  • 517 / Uzundere Mass Housing – Fahrettin Altay
  • 715 / DEU Vocational School – Bag Transfer
  • 648 / Gazi Mahallesi – Menemen Transfer Center
  • 577 / Nafiz Gürman Mah. – Halkapınar Metro 2
  • 753 / Göktepe – Menemen Transfer Center
  • 759 / Karaorman – Menemen Transfer Center
  • 719 / Burr – Bag Transfer Center
  • 794 / Küner – Cumaovası Transfer Center
  • 774 / Tire Mass Housing – Kahrat
  • 266 / School District – Bornova Metro
  • 961 / İçmeler – Urla
  • 575 / Maliyeciler Mahallesi – Üçyol Metro
  • 516 / Yenitepe Houses – Gaziemir District Garage

It also connects the four sides of the city.

  • 290 (Bostanlı Pier – Tınaztepe),
  • 390 (Bornova Metro – Tınaztepe) and
  • Lines 690 (F.Altay – Tınaztepe) have been made to serve all day long.

Operating room hygiene for buses

The project, which will prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria in public transportation vehicles, was implemented for trial purposes. Air purification (sanitation) devices with hepa filters and UV rays used in operating theaters were installed on three buses in İzmir for the first time in the world. If the pilot implementation is efficient, it is planned to be expanded.

One of the new buses that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality added to the fleet of ESHOT General Directorate stands out with its health safety systems. In the safe vehicle, which was put into use for the first time in the world in Izmir; There is a security system that measures passenger fever, a photocatalysis ventilation system and an automatic disinfectant spray system.

HEPP Code application for public health

Pursuant to the Ministry of Interior's circular titled "HEPP code query in urban public transportation" dated 30/09/2020, the necessary integrations between the Electronic Fare Collection System used in urban public transportation vehicles and the Hayat Eve Sığar (HES) application of the Ministry of Health were quickly achieved. The website ​​was put into service on 30/10/2020 for citizens to register their HEPP Codes to their Izmirim Cards. With the decision of the Izmir Governor's Office, the use of Izmirim Cards without a HES Code definition in public transportation has been restricted since 11/01/2021. As of November 22, 2021, 90 percent of İzmirim Cards have been assigned the HEPP Code. Thanks to the application, the risk of spreading the virus in public transportation vehicles has been minimized.

Estimated budget figures

The 2022 Fiscal Year Performance Program and Budget Draft, prepared by the ESHOT General Directorate for the improvement and development of services and new tools-equipment-materials, will be submitted to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council for approval in the coming days. While the revenue budget is estimated as 1 billion 414 million 35 thousand TL; expenditure budget was estimated as 1 billion 821 million 600 thousand TL.

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