Public Vehicle Application Relieves the Transportation Budget of Izmirians

Public Transport Application in Izmir Relieves Citizens' Budget
Public Transport Application in Izmir Relieves Citizens' Budget

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerOne of the election promises of 'Public Vehicles application, which started shortly after he took office, relieved the transportation budget of the people of Izmir. Thanks to Halk Transport, which provides 50 percent discount in public transportation at certain hours, nearly 2,5 million boarding passes were made in 96 years. A total of 88 million lira was reflected in the pockets of citizens as savings.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerWithin the scope of 's populist municipality understanding, the implementation of the People's Vehicle, which has an important place among the election promises and started right after he took office, left behind 2,5 years. The application, which provides 05.00 percent discount on public transportation between 07.00-19.00 in the morning and 20.00-50 in the evening, made a significant contribution to the budget of the people of Izmir. Since its life in May 2019, 95 million 960 thousand 120 rides have been made to all public transportation vehicles. In this period of difficult living conditions, the application offers approximately 134 TL per month to full card holders; on the other hand, it provided a savings of approximately 50 TL for the passengers with student card.

2,5 million TL contribution in 88 years

Eser Atak, Deputy Secretary General of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, who gave information about Halk Taxis, said, “Our aim in this application is to contribute to the budgets of our citizens who have to start their work in the early hours. In big cities, transportation expenditures hold a large amount, especially for low-income people. We are trying to contribute to this issue with the understanding of populist municipality. We provide a monthly contribution of 134 TL to a citizen who uses public transportation twice a day, and 50 TL to students. With this application, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has ensured that a contribution of 2,5 million TL in 88 years remains in the pockets of our citizens.

Our transportation costs have been cut in half.

The people of İzmir, who use the application in the morning and evening hours, are satisfied with the application of Public Vehicles. Suat Ekinci said, “We often use buses. We are satisfied with the application. It is a good thing to have such an application during the hours when everyone goes to work,” said Özlen Yüzer, “It is a very good work for people who work for minimum wage like us. At least our monthly transportation fees have been cut in half; We are satisfied,” he said. Student Sema Nur Yaşam said: “Every day in the morning BayraklıI'm coming from Konak. The application is also affordable for good students. We spend way too much. It is good for us and good for everyone.”

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