Storm Report in Izmir

Storm Report in Izmir
Storm Report in Izmir

Due to the strong storm in İzmir, the Metropolitan Municipality teams spent intense overtime. The storm damaged 33 trees throughout the city and caused the roofs to fly in Menderes, Tire, Karaburun and Foça. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams immediately intervened in the negativities.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was on the alert with all its units due to the strong storm that started last night, increased its effect in the morning and sometimes reached 100 kilometers in some districts. In the city, the wind speed is 110 per hour in Narlıdere, 99 in Karaburun, 98 in Foça and Urla, 93 in Tire, 79 in Güzelbahçe, 77 in Konak and KarşıyakaReached 76 kilometers.

33 trees fell across the city; Roofs were blown off in Menderes, Tire, Karaburun and Foça. The teams of the Fire Brigade, Science Affairs, Parks and Gardens Department intervened in the fallen trees and flying roofs. Teams of the Department of Parks and Gardens, consisting of 60 people, are located in Konak, Narlıdere, Buca, Karşıyaka and Balçova, by removing the fallen trees on the roads, parks and tram route, it opened the traffic and pedestrian path. Izmir Fire Brigade, which works in 30 districts with 56 stations and 350 personnel, stood ready for any negativity that might occur. Responding to the fallen trees, flying roofs and signboards at 12 points of the city, the Fire Brigade Department took security measures against possible roof and tile flying and signage falling throughout the city. Due to the wind blowing in the form of a strong storm, especially from the south-southwest direction. Karşıyaka The sea rose in the area where the Sailing Club was located. Fire crews evacuated quickly so that the tram line would not be affected by the water.

There was no problem in Mavişehir

Thanks to the Coastal Rehabilitation Project, which was completed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with an investment of 37 million lira in order to end the floods caused by the rise of the sea level in Mavişehir, especially on the days of severe winds, there was no problem.
The works carried out by the Department of Science Affairs on the 2-kilometer coastline, which starts in front of Deniz Kent Restaurant near the Peynircioğlu Stream and extends to the north, including the Blue Island region, were completed in September. Within the scope of the works, 4 thousand 2 meters of in-water concrete was manufactured 88 meters below the ground in order to prevent both the flood that may occur with sea water swell in the coastal area and the passage of sea water under the ground; The rock fortifications in the front were also rebuilt. In the strong storm experienced today, the rock fortifications built 160 centimeters above sea level in the front protected the area from the effect of the waves.

rain will continue

According to the weather forecast report of the Izmir Meteorology 2nd Regional Directorate, it is estimated that the expected showers and thunderstorms will be strong (21-50 kg / m2) from noon. Since the wind is expected to blow in the form of a strong storm from the south and southwest (lodos) directions, and a full storm (70-110 km / h) locally, be careful and cautious against negativities such as roof flying, tree and pole topple, stove and flue gas poisoning and transportation disruptions. required warning. The people of Izmir, who are adversely affected by the adverse weather conditions, can reach Izmir Metropolitan Municipality from the 444 40 35 line of the Citizens' Communication Center (HIM).

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