Izmir Auto Expertise

Izmir Auto Expertise
Izmir Auto Expertise

The state enacted a new law in 2019 due to the increase in second-hand vehicle sales and the problems experienced in buying and selling. According to the law, it is obligatory to obtain an appraisal report when selling to every second hand vehicle under 8 years old or under 160 thousand kilometers. With this law, which concerns millions, it has become more important to find a reliable and affordable appraisal service.

So, how can I find an auto appraisal in Izmir? İzmir auto expertise What is the average price? What should I pay attention to when looking for an appraisal? How do I know if an auto appraisal company is reliable? What should be considered when obtaining an appraisal report? Let's see what the answers to such questions are.

Auto Expertise in Izmir

It is quite easy to reach an auto appraisal in Izmir. Many companies already offer auto appraisal services. However, this time, there are difficulties when choosing. The most important criterion, trust, plays the most important role when making a choice. Because at the time, many problems such as making false reports from the familiar expertise, not making the necessary measurements and making the buyer victimized in the future, were and still continue to be experienced. (I will talk about what to do in the event of such an event.) The buyer must make this choice correctly in order not to be a victim.

Where Can I Find Auto Expertise in Izmir?

It is possible to reach expertise in almost every district of İzmir, respectively; Bayraklı, Mansion, Karşıyaka, Gaziemir, Karabağlar, Buca, Balçova, Alsancak are located above the districts in İzmir where auto expertise can be found. However, there are also some industrial zones where more than one company coexists and where diversity is more intense. Especially “İzmir 1st Industrial Site” in Konak and “İzmir 2nd Industrial Site” in Bornova and “İzmir 3rd Industrial Site” in Bornova are among the places where the easiest auto appraisal service can be obtained.

How to Choose an Auto Expertise in Izmir?

Auto appraisal in Izmir We have said that the most important criterion in choosing the right is trust, but besides this, the choice of needs is also indispensable. Many companies in İzmir provide services with various packages in line with their needs. Packages go from the least choice to the most. Of course, prices are shaped accordingly. First of all, you have to decide what kind of auto appraisal service you want to get. Then check if the company or business can provide this service. Because not every company can own every machine used in auto appraisal service. These machines are:

  • suspension tester
  • management panel
  • Body paint measuring device
  • Lateral slip tester
  • Lift
  • fault locator
  • battery tester
  • brake tester
  • Tire outer depth gauge
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Dynamometer
  • brake hydraulic tester
  • Compressor and Conditioner
  • Paint thickness measuring device

We looked at the devices that should be in an auto appraisal, but how can we understand whether the company is reliable? Izmir, auto appraisal It is home to many large companies in the field. Businesses are generally divided into three. Franchise dealers, centralized dealers, and small businesses that are not affiliated with any location. Among them, we think that the most reliable one is to choose auto appraisal dealers affiliated with a single center because it is very difficult to commit the fraud crimes I mentioned above in such places.

If the buyer has a problem contrary to the appraisal report after purchasing the car, the laws keep the seller and the auto appraisal company problematic. Also, make sure to check whether the company has ISO 9001, ISO 10002 and TSE-HYB certificates.

Izmir Auto Expertise Prices

In general, pricing is similar to the Turkish average. Company diversity plays an important role in this regard. Izmir auto appraisal prices vary between 2021 TL and 200 TL as of the end of 600. Average prices are around 300 TL. Of course, the service packages of the companies are the biggest factor in the price differentiation.

Izmir Auto Expertise Contact and Appointment

Most of the auto appraisals in Izmir work by appointment. It is possible to go and get service without an appointment, but it will be more beneficial for you to make an appointment. Appointments can also be made from companies' websites or phone numbers. With a little research, you can access the websites of many auto appraisal companies and get information and appointments.

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