Fashion Bridge Between Izmir and Copenhagen Is Established

Fashion Bridge Between Izmir and Copenhagen Is Established
Fashion Bridge Between Izmir and Copenhagen Is Established

A fashion bridge is being built between Izmir and Copenhagen. Danish importers came to Izmir to import Turkish apparel products. 9 importing companies from Denmark met with 33 Turkish apparel exporters in the “Buyers Committee” in İzmir.

Danish apparel suppliers participating in the "Buying Delegation" program organized in cooperation with the Aegean Ready-made Clothing and Apparel Exporters' Association and the Consulate General of Denmark in Istanbul held more than 100 bilateral business meetings with Turkish apparel exporters on the first day, and visited the companies' production facilities on the second day.

Sertbaş: “We aim to export 1 billion dollars to Denmark”

Burak Sertbaş, the President of the Aegean Ready-to-Wear and Apparel Exporters' Association, informed that the Turkish ready-to-wear industry showed an export performance of 2021 billion dollars in the January-October period of 16,7. He stated that they focused on the Scandinavian market with high purchasing power in order to reach their export target of 1,3 billion dollars.

Emphasizing that the Aegean Region is an important production center in organic textiles, Sertbaş said, “The Danish consumer is more sensitive about organic product consumption. Our exports to Denmark, which was 2020 million dollars in the January-October period of 304, increased by 2021 percent to 16 million dollars in the same period of 354. We will continue our mutual contacts to export apparel products worth 2021 million dollars at the end of 500 and 1 billion dollars to Denmark in the medium term”.

Hoppe: “We find the sustainable and quality products we are looking for in Turkey”

Speaking at the opening of the “Buying Delegation”, Danish Consul General in Istanbul Thierry Hoppe said that the Danish Government supports the increase of the trade of Danish companies with the Turkish fashion industry, that the issue of supply from the nearby geography is at the forefront, especially due to the supply chain problem that many companies face during the Covid process, and that they are looking for sustainable and quality products in Turkey. He emphasized that they found the product and that a similar organization should be repeated as soon as possible for the continuation of the cooperation.

Seyfeli: “Our environmentally friendly production is reciprocated by the Danish consumer”

Seray Seyfeli, Vice President of EHKİB and Chairman of the Foreign Market Strategies Development Committee, emphasizing that they carried out a "Sectoral Trade Delegation" to Denmark in 2018 within the scope of the URGE Project for the Development of Ready-to-Wear Exports, and that the cooperation bridge established at that time continues. He pointed out that Turkey's proximity to Europe is also a great advantage.

Seyfeli underlined that the European consumers care about human and environment, they make sustainable and responsible production, they strive for greener and more environmentally friendly production, that many of the manufacturers in the Aegean Region have GOTS certificates, and therefore there is a ground where trade between Turkey and Denmark can develop. ; “We focused on the Danish market. This cooperation will continue. Denmark imports apparel worth 5,3 billion dollars annually. As Turkey, we exported 2020 million dollars to Denmark in 418. We get 8 percent of Denmark's imports. This “Buyers Mission” organization will create great opportunities to increase our share of the Danish market. It is very meaningful and valuable for us that the request came from Denmark at this meeting. We see it as one of the most concrete examples of the issue of close supply, which has gained importance with the pandemic.”

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