Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Establishes Solid Organic Fertilizer Plant in Bornova

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Establishes Solid Organic Fertilizer Plant in Bornova
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Establishes Solid Organic Fertilizer Plant in Bornova

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality converts vegetable wastes such as pruning, parks, gardens and grasses into organic fertilizers and brings them into the economy. After the solid organic fertilizer facility established in Çiğli Harmandalı, the tender process for the facility to be established in Bornova Işıklar Mahallesi was completed.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyerİzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to undertake environmental projects that will set an example for Turkey, in line with the policy of utilizing wastes as raw materials and bringing them into the economy. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which established a facility to convert vegetable wastes such as pruning, park garden and grass into organic fertilizer in Çiğli Harmandalı Sanitary Storage and Energy Generation Facility, went out to tender to establish a larger capacity solid organic fertilizer facility in Bornova Işıklar Mahallesi. İZDOĞA İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection Improvement Consultancy and Project Services Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş. and Biosun Ödemiş Solid Waste Processing Energy and Environment Industry Trade Inc. joined the joint venture. The initiative will establish the facility within a year and then operate it for 10 years by giving an annual lease of 190 thousand liras to the Metropolitan Municipality.

Contribution to both economy and environment

The solid organic fertilizer facility will be a facility where organic fertilizer will be produced on a 24-hour basis with bioreactor systems. Vegetal wastes from the markets, parks, sites, apartments and gardens will turn into organic fertilizer in this facility. In this way, environmental pollution caused by waste and pest reproduction problems will be prevented. Organic fertilizers from the facility will be used in the landscaping applications of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and in agriculture throughout the city. Organic fertilizers will replace chemical fertilizers that pollute the nature and product yield will increase. The facility also plays an important role in the goal of strengthening agricultural production in line with President Soyer's vision of İzmir Agriculture.

30 tons of fertilizer will be produced per day

30 tons of organic fertilizer will be obtained per day from Turkey's largest capacity organic fertilizer plant. The facility, which will be established on an area of ​​7 thousand 535 square meters, owned by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, will include a product reception area, a pre-treatment unit where separation, shredding, grinding and mixing will be done, bioreactor systems that provide biodegradation, sieving-cooling and final product stock area. Vegetable wastes will be processed in completely closed reactor systems and will turn into packaged organic fertilizers within 24 hours. There will be no odor problems and environmental pollution will not occur. The use of organic fertilizers in agriculture is preferred because it improves the structure of the soil and provides aeration. It is also known to neutralize toxins in the soil, regulate pH balance, accelerate growth, strengthen plants and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers.

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