Istanbul and Athens Will Meet at İSTON Bank

Istanbul and Athens Will Meet at İSTON Bank
Istanbul and Athens Will Meet at İSTON Bank

IMM President, who came together at the 'B40 Balkan Mayors Summit' Ekrem İmamoğlu and Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis experienced the bench specially produced by ISTON for Istanbul and Athens. Bakoyannis, Imamoglu said, “We trust our company. We will send one gift. You will buy the next one, according to him" to the joke, "Promises were made, promises were kept. As Athens, we are very open to dialogue.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Ekrem İmamoğlu and Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis, Split Mayor Ivica Puljak and Thessaloniki Mayor Konstantinos Zervas, the first day of the "B11 Balkan Mayors Summit", which brought together the mayors of 24 cities from 40 countries, at the specially designed bench produced by the corporate subsidiary ISTON. threw. İmamoğlu stated that the story of the bench is based on his recent visit to Athens.


Expressing that the Mayor of Athens, Bakoyannis, who hosted them, shared the information that they were preparing to design a square during the city tour, İmamoğlu said, “I said, especially with our company İSTON in Istanbul, let's make a design that will connect Athens and Istanbul. And friends worked on this design. We think it would suit that square as well. Now we will send this one sample to Athens. We're going to ask him to bring it up. I think you are so beautiful. Mandela's word on it is also very valuable; He says 'sit and talk' for peace and friendship of countries. It also makes a reference to the Olympic games. It shows the grandstand layout of the Olympic games. It is the power of design,” he said.

Saying, “We trust our company,” İmamoğlu told Bakoyannis, “We will send one gift. You will buy the latter; according to him,” he joked. Bakoyannis' response to İmamoğlu's joke, “Promises were made, promises kept. At Athens, we love dialogue. We are very open to dialogue”.


Specially designed seating groups produced by İSTON for Istanbul and Athens are made of “kufeki stone” and “pentelic marble”. Kufeki stone; It was used as the basic building stone in many important architectural works in Istanbul, such as the Istanbul Walls and the Süleymaniye Mosque, during the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. Pentelic marble; It was used in many of the main monuments of Classical Athens, such as the Parthenon, especially from the 5th century BC. In the design, Athens and Istanbul are depicted as two cities embracing each other, with two textures.

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