Istanbul Airport Served 4.372.243 Passengers in October

Istanbul Airport Served Passengers in October
Istanbul Airport Served Passengers in October

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure State Airports Authority (DHMI) General Directorate has announced the airline aircraft, passenger and cargo statistics for October 2021.

Accordingly, the number of aircraft landing and taking off at our environmentally and passenger-friendly airports reached 76.458 domestic flights and 58.953 international flights in October. In October, a total of 158.512 aircraft traffic took place, including overpasses.

During the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, the passenger traffic, which greatly decreased worldwide and in our country, approached its previous level in October 2021 compared to the same period of 2019.

In this month, domestic passenger traffic was 7.087.331 and international passenger traffic was 8.595.156 at airports across Turkey. Thus, in October, a total of 15.713.406 passengers were served, including direct transit passengers. In October 2019, there was a total of 8.450.461 passenger traffic with direct transit passengers, 10.855.875 on the domestic line and 19.340.957 on the international line. Thus, in 2021; 2019% of 84 in domestic line, 79% in international line and 81% in total.

Airport freight (cargo, mail and baggage) traffic; In October, it was 68.823 tons in domestic flights, 287.889 tons in international lines, and a total of 356.712 tons.


30.872 aircraft landed and took off at Istanbul Airport in October. There were 8.844 domestic flights and 22.028 international flights.

In October, the airport served a total of 1.157.562 passengers, 3.214.681 on domestic flights and 4.372.243 on international lines.

Istanbul Atatürk Airport, where general aviation activities and cargo transportation continue, had 3.542 aircraft traffic in October. Thus, a total of 34.414 aircraft traffic took place at these two airports.


In the ten-month (January-October) period; Aircraft traffic arriving and departing from airports was 625.539 in domestic lines and 387.596 in international lines. Thus, a total of 1.212.077 aircraft traffic was realized with the overpasses.

Domestic passenger traffic in airports across Turkey of 57.046.627 of the 49.913.156 international passengers traffic in this period were given a total of 107.104.471 passengers with direct transit passengers.

During the period in question, the freight (cargo, post and baggage) traffic of the airports; 587.821 tons in domestic lines and 2.217.333 tons in international lines.

In a ten-month period at Istanbul Airport, a total of 65.367 aircraft, 158.889 on domestic flights and 224.256 on international lines; A total of 8.635.531 passenger traffic was realized, 20.788.572 on domestic lines and 29.424.103 on international lines. This number was 34.583 aircraft traffic at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. In the same period, 258.839 aircraft traffic took place at the two airports.

As of the end of October, the amount of cargo carried at Istanbul Airport was 35.275 tons on the domestic line, 586.158 tons on the international line, and 621.433 tons in total. 31% of the amount of cargo carried was carried out with 11.329 flights for cargo purposes only. As of the end of October, the amount of cargo carried at Istanbul Atatürk Airport was 7.549 tons on the domestic line, 714.108 tons on the international line, and 721.657 tons in total.

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