With IONITY's Investment Decision, Audi Takes a Step into a New Charging Experience

With IONITY's Investment Decision, Audi Takes a Step into a New Charging Experience
With IONITY's Investment Decision, Audi Takes a Step into a New Charging Experience

📩 29/11/2021 14:58

Based on the fact that a well-developed charging infrastructure constitutes the basic backbone of electric mobility, IONITY, of which Audi is among the founders, has decided to invest approximately 2025 million Euros to establish more than 5 thousand additional fast charging points by 700.

At fast charging points up to 350 kW, which will be put into service within the framework of the investment, Audi will also activate the new "Plug & Charge - Plug and Charge" function, which provides extremely convenient and easy charging for e-tron models.

Based on the fact that the success of e-mobility largely depends on the charging infrastructure, IONITY, Europe's largest open high-power charging (HPC) network in 24 countries, has decided to invest 700 million Euros in its fast charging network for electric vehicles.

In line with the decision, the joint venture, in which Audi is a shareholder, will increase the number of high-performance 1.500 kW charging points from more than 350 currently to 2025 by 7. With the new investment, it is planned to build charging stations not only on highways, but also on busy intercity main roads.

Within the scope of the investment, IONITY also plans to increase the capacity of its new stations depending on the usage levels. The new sites will be designed with six to twelve charging points. Thus, it is aimed to significantly reduce the charging and waiting times of the users. Aiming to build and operate new facilities with service stations, resting and shopping areas by purchasing new lands, IONITY aims to significantly improve the customer experience.

IONITY expansion makes e-mobility even more attractive

Planning a broad-based EV launch with more than 2025 all-electric models by 20, Audi will only launch new, innovative all-electric models from 2026.

Markus Duesmann, Chairman of the Board of AUDI AG, who stated that they have transformed their product range into electric cars in all basic segments, said that this is a serious change and opportunity. “The success of e-mobility largely depends on a comprehensive charging infrastructure. Focusing on developing and improving its charging network, IONITY's decision to expand will play an important role in making electric vehicles more attractive.” he said.

IONITY, the foundation of the e-tron Recharge Service

Being one of the founding members of IONITY and partner of the joint venture from the very beginning, Audi also bases its own charging service, e-tron Charging Service, from IONITY's network of fast charging stations located throughout Europe. The service, where only one charge card is used, currently provides access to more than 26 thousand charging points in 280 European countries.

Plug and Charge: Audi, charging possible without RFID card or app

From December 2021, Audi plans to offer a particularly premium form of charging in the IONITY network, known simply as “Plug & Charge – Plug & Charge (PnC)“. In this way, it will be possible to easily and safely charge an electric car without an RFID (radio frequency identification) card or an app. With the new system, as soon as the charging cable is connected to the vehicle, the verification process will take place automatically via encrypted communication at compatible charging stations and charging will begin. The system can be used in Audi e-tron models with PnC that were produced after the 2021th week of 48.

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