EGİAD Investing in Agricultural Technology Startups by Angels

EGİAD Investing in Agricultural Technology Startups by Angels
EGİAD Investing in Agricultural Technology Startups by Angels

Agricultural Technologies Initiative doubled its Agrovisio valuation in 6 months and completed its new investment round with a valuation of 2 million Euros.

The climate change we are facing is responsible for 32% of the fluctuations in agricultural production. This unpredictability causes price fluctuations of up to 40% in agricultural product prices, even in the short term. When we look at it globally, this puts risks of millions of liras on 2 million agricultural enterprises and 570 million farmers who purchase tons for their production. Failure to manage risk threatens food security by cutting both businesses and farmers out of production. At this point; Agrovisio initiative, which was founded in 2018 by Emre Tunalı, Caner Çalık and Sinan Öz to produce solutions for sustainable food production and safety, completed its new investment round at a valuation of 2 million Euros. Among investors EGİAD Melekleri, Startup Wise Guys, E. Bora Büyüknisan, Aristo ApS, Cenciarini & Co. Merchant and Investment Banking, Çukurova Investment Platform, Keiretsu Forum Turkey, Galata Business Angels.

“Agrovisio observes over 40 million hectares of agricultural land with satellite and drone images throughout the year, helping agricultural businesses manage their risks and increase their profitability”

Agrovisio; It provides a significant advantage to its users in combating risks and uncertainties in agricultural production, with cropped area detection, yield estimation, harvest detection, phytosanitary follow-up analyzes offered on its digital platform. Agrovisio scans large areas continuously and in detail at all points with satellite observation, and presents harvest expectations and problems in production to field users. It also shares the problems it detects during the production season with the farmers through mobile and web platforms, preventing product losses and supporting sustainable agriculture. Agro-industry organizations and farmers, as well as government agencies, insurance companies, banks, cooperatives, insight analysis provided by Agrovisio; can easily use it to follow up their work, increase efficiency and make future projections.

“Opened to the global in a short time”

After its first investment, Agrovisio became a company in Estonia and opened a branch in Italy and started to offer services in Europe. By increasing the number of users from 200 to more than 1500 in a short time, it has become a contributor to sustainable agriculture in 3 countries. Received “Big2021-Top10 Startups” and “Swiss-Turkey-Top 10 Startups” awards. It was selected as “39 Best Turkey Big Data Startups & Companies” by Datamagazine UK and “43 Top Turkish Big Data Companies and Startups” by BestStartup.Asia.

“We will continue to offer technologies and services that break new ground”

Emre Tunalı, Caner Çalık and Sinan Öz, founding partners of Agrovisio, said: “We are happy to have achieved our 2021 growth targets. Thanks to the new investment, we believe that starting to work with our valuable investors and integrating their experience and guidance with the energy of Agrovisio will accelerate our journey even more. As the Agrovisio family, we will continue to offer technologies and services that break new ground in agricultural remote sensing services. We want to reach our target of triple growth in 2022 by expanding our sales and marketing networks in Europe with the investment. The demand for more than the investment amount we were looking for gave us positive signals for the new investment round in our 3 roadmap. Good luck to all of us with our second investment round on our globalization path.”

Agrovisio continues its activities with a team of 10 people who have worked on image processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence for many years and have signed many deep national and international technology projects.

EGİAD Angels Focus on Sustainable Agriculture in Entrepreneurship

The only angel investment network of the Aegean Region accredited to the Undersecretariat of Treasury. EGİAD Levent Kuşgöz, Chairman of the Executive Board of Melekleri: “In these days when we feel the effects of climate change in agricultural production, it is very critical for our future to support sustainable agriculture by increasing the number of innovative digital solutions. With the initiative's ensuring food safety and sustainable food production, as angel investors, we not only make investments, but also reveal our social responsibility.”

EGİAD Angels Investors

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