Hyundai commemorates the 35th Anniversary of the Grandeur Model with a Retro Concept

Hyundai commemorates the 35th Anniversary of the Grandeur Model with a Retro Concept
Hyundai commemorates the 35th Anniversary of the Grandeur Model with a Retro Concept

Hyundai Motor Company drew all the attention by preparing a special concept model to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the legendary sedan model Grandeur. While staying true to the angular original design in this new concept model, Hyundai designers continue to evolve for future technologies and futuristic lines.

The engineers, who revived the brand's first mass production model Pony in the past months, included electrification and advanced lighting technologies in this concept. The Grandeur, which was first offered for sale in 1986, was very popular in the homeland of the brand, South Korea and America, and increased its claim among sedan models day by day.

Bringing brand new technologies to the automotive industry with the IONIQ 5 model, Hyundai offers an interior with Parametric Pixel exterior lighting and Napa leather upholstery, symbolizing top quality, in its new concept model. Standing out as an ultra-modern, electric car concept, the vehicle makes its retro charm feel at first glance. With its new side mirrors, closed-type rims, sliding coatings and front and rear pixel style LED headlights, it also brings its visuals to the top.

This special concept of Grandeur, which is included in the "Hyundai Heritage Series" project, has a luxurious interior. Brand designers have included 80s-era sound and musical equipment to stimulate the senses of passengers.

Preferring bronze-colored lighting and a modern sound system accordingly, the engineers remained faithful to the original and applied the "Newtro", that is, innovation + retro concept theme. Developed by South Korean sound designer Guk-il Yu and controlling 18 speakers, the 4way4 sound system transforms Grandeur's interior into a concert hall based on acoustic theory. Thanks to the combination of the center console and the instrument panel, the system offers rich sound with magnificent clarity and deep bass, and there is also a piano function. While the vehicle is parked, the piano can be played via the sound system.

The front seats are fitted with burgundy velvet inspired by the original Grandeur. Behind the concept, quality nappa leather upholstery is placed. The center console armrest, on the other hand, has a hidden compartment for storing valuables such as an expensive wristwatch or mobile devices.

Using ultra-wide dials and buttons on the instrument panel, the designers also included a touch-enabled flat screen. Keeping the atmosphere of the 80s with a single-spoke steering wheel and a gear lever similar to the throttle in airplanes, Hyundai designers spread the bronze-colored light beam starting from the left and right ends of the digital instrument panel to the periphery of the cabin. This ambient lighting, penetrating the B-pillars, adds eye-catching color to the interior and creates a feeling of wider space.

Hyundai designers, who designed the electric retro concepts of the 1975 Pony and 1986 Grandeur models, will continue to rediscover the values ​​of the brand heritage with another "Heritage Series".

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