Attention to Dental Care During Pregnancy!

Attention to Dental Care During Pregnancy!
Attention to Dental Care During Pregnancy!

If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, you should pay special attention to your teeth and gums. Dt. Beril Karagenç Batal gave important information about the subject. How should ideal oral care be done during pregnancy?

During the special periods of women, such as puberty, menopause, and pregnancy, some changes occur in the level of sex hormones in their bodies. These changes can also directly or indirectly affect oral and dental health. Before the pregnancy is planned, a dentist should go to the dentist and treat the problems related to the problematic teeth and gums. In addition, the teeth that may cause problems should be determined by performing radiological examinations and precautions should be taken beforehand. During pregnancy, most treatments can be done when necessary, but x-rays, the use of certain drugs, and heavy operations may be inconvenient in this process. In addition, applications can be made only in the second trimester, provided that the person's doctor is consulted.

Pregnancy and Dental Health

Contrary to popular belief, new bruises do not occur in the mouth during pregnancy. So every pregnancy does not mean a tooth loss. Changes in the oral environment during pregnancy cause more gum-related problems.

As a result of changing hormone balances during pregnancy, swelling, bleeding and mild-moderate infection occur more easily in the gums. In rare cases, gingival swellings that increase in certain areas and can reach the size of a small chickpea may also occur. It becomes difficult to maintain oral hygiene due to nausea, sensitivities to odors and tastes, etc. This is a situation that paves the way for gum infection.

How should ideal oral care be done during pregnancy?

  • If there is a planned pregnancy, it will allow you to have a comfortable pregnancy period by being examined by the dentist beforehand and getting rid of the possible risks. You ask why ? Because, although the radiographs taken during pregnancy do not harm the baby with the precautions taken, they are not a situation we do not prefer.
  • More attention should be paid to the daily brushing routine. Brushing may be difficult due to nausea and sensitivities. In this case, short-term but frequent teeth can be brushed. Forms with small sizes such as children's brushes, electric / battery brushes can be preferred. If the taste and foam of pastes is bothersome, brushing without paste, even with water alone, can help with oral hygiene.
  • The use of dental floss is very important. During pregnancy, when the risk of gum problems increases, it is also important to clean the spaces between the teeth that the brush cannot reach.
  • A dentist should be consulted when any possible discomfort to the teeth or gums is felt. There will be huge differences in treatment between intervening after an ailment grows and stopping it at its onset.

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