Great Interest in WIN EURASIA Hybrid, the Meeting Point of the Manufacturing Industry!

Great Interest in WIN EURASIA Hybrid, the Meeting Point of the Manufacturing Industry!
Great Interest in WIN EURASIA Hybrid, the Meeting Point of the Manufacturing Industry!

Hannover Fairs Turkey brought together the leading companies of the manufacturing industry at WIN EURASIA Hybrid, Turkey's first hybrid industry fair, between 10-13 November 2021. WIN EURASIA Hybrid, whose opening was attended by Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Hasan Büyükdede and TIM President İbrahim Gülle; It brought together 16 exhibitors from 467 countries in the physical environment, 80 exhibitors in the digital environment, and 78 visitors from 30 countries.

Thanks to the support of the Purchasing Mission Program of the Ministry of Commerce and the global network of Deutsche Messe, more than 16 buyers from 250 countries such as Russia, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Iraq, Bulgaria, Czechia, Iran, Qatar, which are the target countries for exports, met with Turkish manufacturers. They came together and made new export agreements.

Organized by Hannover Fairs Turkey, Eurasia's leading industrial fair WIN EURASIA Hybrid brought the manufacturing industry together for the twenty-seventh time after two years. At the fair, which was held under the theme of "Industrial Transformation", the representatives of the manufacturing sector had the opportunity to introduce their latest technology products.

Hasan Büyükdede, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology, who attended the opening of WIN EURASIA Hybrid, pointed out that a period has entered into a period in which manufacturing branches that are not smart and efficient in production lines and that lack digitalization in automation will disappear, and stated that determining the theme of the fair as industrial transformation is a visionary approach.

TİM Chairman İsmail Gülle, who visited the fair, said in a statement, “The start of the fairs after the pandemic brought commercial activity with it. After the pandemic period, we see that the commercial conditions in the world have changed. This situation provided a significant advantage for our country. We are very pleased to see that the trust towards Turkey, its manufacturers and Turkish products has increased. The machinery sector is one of the important sectors of our country. The export activities of the sector are going on a positive course, an increase of 30% has been achieved so far. The machinery sector is among the sectors that increase its exports the most”.

Manufacturing industry made an export attack with WIN EURASIA Hybrid!

16 participating companies from 467 countries in the physical environment and 80 in the digital environment; WIN EURASIA Hybrid, where it met with 78 visitors from 30 countries, turned into a big commercial event where important cooperation and export agreements were made for the Turkish manufacturing industry.

In WIN EURASIA Hybrid, where delegations from 30 cities from Anatolia, with the cooperation of chambers of commerce and industry, came to Istanbul with 55 buses, also participating company representatives within the scope of the Purchasing Committee of the Ministry of Commerce; More than 250 buyers from countries targeted for an increase in exports came together and made new export cooperations.

The number of digital participants to WIN EURASIA HYBRID drew attention!

Being the first hybrid industry fair in Turkey, WIN EURASIA Hybrid brought together the exhibitors with the visitors on the digital platform of the fair as well as the physical environment. Digital participants; in the virtual environment, at the fair stands sohbet functions, hosting purchasing officials with one-on-one video calls; They had the opportunity to exhibit their products in 3D. In the Digital Pavilion established in the fair area, physical visitors had the opportunity to develop cooperation by making digital meetings with industry-leading companies.

At the fair, where the conferences were also transferred to the digital environment; While the speakers could make digital presentations at the fairground or wherever they were, the listeners had the chance to follow the conferences from wherever they wanted. During the fair, conferences with 30 panels, 51 brands and 61 speakers were followed by 2.646 people on digital platforms as well as physical audiences.

In addition, industry professionals will be able to reach the companies in the digital section of the fair through until 20 November 2021.

Fairs are transforming too!

One of the keynote speakers of WIN EURASIA Hybrid, Deutsche Messe AG Chairman of the Board Dr. Jochen Köckler, in his evaluation, said that the pandemic brought about change in the fair sector as well as in every field. Dr. Köckler said, “During the pandemic, we also moved our business to the digital environment. In the events we organized on the Connection Days platform, we brought together companies and professionals in industries, albeit from a distance. Now, here at WIN EURASIA Hybrid, we broke new ground and brought together the representatives of the manufacturing industry both physically and digitally. Let's see what the coming years will show us, maybe 30 percent of the fair will take place in the digital environment”.

Society 5.0 left its mark on the fair!

One of the highlights of the conferences held within the scope of WIN EURASIA Hybrid was Society 5.0. In the panel attended by Society 5.0 Academy members, it was emphasized that “Adaptation to Technology”, which is shown as the greatest skill of the future, is the cornerstone of the concept of Society 5.0. In the panel where it was stated that 10% of the world's productivity will come from autonomy in the next 60 years and that we will see machines and robots more, people will compete with machines. can be achieved with two basic skills; It was stated that these are “Emotional Intelligence” and “Creativity”. These two skills kazanThe importance of being a hybrid human was emphasized in the panel where it was discussed that the concept of “Society 5.0” should be positioned between technology and human in order to achieve

New Place, New Date, A Brand New Fair Experience!

WIN EURASIA fair, which has been held in the same fairground since 2000, is moving to Istanbul Expo Center next year in order to offer a better fair experience to exhibitors and visitors. Exciting developments are already happening at WIN EURASIA 8, which will take place on 11-2022 June 2022.

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