Philippines Receives First Two T129 ATAK Helicopters

Philippines Receives First Two T129 ATAK Helicopters
Philippines Receives First Two T129 ATAK Helicopters

Turkish Aerospace Industries will deliver the first batch of T129 ATAK helicopters exported to the Philippines in December 2021. Philippine Air Force (PAF) Commander Lieutenant General Allen Paredes touched upon the developments regarding the T129 ATAK helicopters to be exported to the Philippines. According to the aforementioned statement, December 2021 was marked for the first convoy planned to be delivered by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ). Lieutenant General Paredes, in his social media post, said, “Lethal… It's coming in December. T129 Attack Helicopter of the Philippine Air Force.” made statements. No other details about the delivery were given in the statement.

It is known that a total of 6 T129 ATAK helicopters produced by TAI under the contract signed with the Philippines will be exported for 269.388.862 USD. In the statements made in May 2021, it was stated that the first delivery of two units is expected to take place in September 2021. Philippine Ministry of Defense Sözcü“Based on the latest developments, we expect the first two units of T129 Attack Helicopters for the Philippine Air Force to be delivered this September,” said Dir Arsenio Andolong. According to the ministry, it was stated that following the delivery, which is said to be made in September 2021, the remaining four T129 ATAK helicopters are expected to be delivered in February 2022 (two units) and February 2023 (two units).

T129 ATAK training for Filipino personnel

Following the completion of the approvals for the sale of the T129 ATAK helicopter to the Philippines, the pilots and crews of the Philippine Air Force's 15th Attack Squadron will receive T129 ATAK helicopter training at TAI facilities in Ankara. While the related training is planned to continue between May 2021 and August 2021, the Philippine Air Force will continue to send pilots and experts to Turkey for training on T129 ATAK attack helicopter operations in the future.

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