Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, 53 Years Old

Eskisehir Chamber of Industry
Eskisehir Chamber of Industry

Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO) celebrates its 53rd anniversary. In this context, ESO President Celalettin Kesikbaş issued a message. In his message, Kesikbaş said that they worked with enthusiasm and faith in their first year of establishment, “We are constantly raising the bar in terms of service to our city. We are working to increase the production, employment and exports of our members, who make us who we are, and to improve their professional qualifications. Happy 53rd anniversary of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry”.

ESO President Kesikbaş, who stated that they are working to accelerate the development of the industry and to create an export-oriented structure in Eskişehir, where one out of every three people live thanks to industry, said, “Export and vocational training. These are our essentials. We spend a lot of effort in these areas and produce projects. On the other hand, we are involved in projects that will increase entrepreneurship. We are aware of the fact that we have to cross a threshold in our city on the aforementioned issues. Because if we are going to exist in the future and make our city a bigger center of attraction, we must do these things," he said.

Emphasizing that today the conditions in the economic and industrial structure are getting harder than ever and the competitive environment affects industrial production, Kesikbaş said, “However, we do not give up production for our city first and then for our country. On the other hand, in this environment, we are in the works needed for our members to develop themselves and their businesses and to adapt to intense competition conditions. Eskişehir Chamber of Industry will continue to be a support, guide and driving force for its members.

Emphasizing that all the projects carried out within the chamber are for the contributions of the members and to support their development, Kesikbaş said, as a reflection of our successful work, we managed to reach the finals among the projects sent from 2021 different countries in the 33 World Chambers Competition. Today, we will represent our country in the climate change category, which is on the agenda of the whole world.”

Adding that the Eskişehir Chamber of Industry shares the same excitement and dynamism with the founding elders who founded the Chamber in 53, ESO President Kesikbaş said, “We are working with the same enthusiasm on the 1968rd anniversary of the Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, which was established in 53, to look beyond the era and take what we have taken one step further.” .

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