The World's Most Enthusiastic Metro Passengers are in Istanbul

The World's Most Enthusiastic Metro Passengers are in Istanbul
The World's Most Enthusiastic Metro Passengers are in Istanbul

Istanbul; Among the subways of 25 cities, including New York, London, Paris and Moscow, it received the highest score in journey satisfaction in 2021. The international benchmarking research revealed that Istanbul residents prefer rail systems fondly.

The '2021 Customer Satisfaction Survey Survey' organized by the international metro companies comparison organization COMET among world cities has been concluded. The survey, of which the content of COMET, of which 26 metro operators operating in 39 cities from 42 countries is a member, and whose link is shared, was conducted online between 12 rail system operators between 9 April and 25 May. The results were announced recently. As a result of the survey, Metro Istanbul, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), received the highest score with a satisfaction rate of 84 percent.


Özgür Soy, the general manager of Metro Istanbul, Turkey's largest urban rail operator, said that Istanbul not only builds subways, but is also a very good subway operator. Reminding that 2,5 metro and a tram line were opened in the last 1 years and another rail system was partially put into operation, Soy said;

“Our primary goal is to provide quality service to Istanbul. Istanbul's highest score in this year's survey of COMET is the best example of the quality service we provide. While scores between 2019 and 66 were obtained in this survey until 77, this year the satisfaction of Istanbul residents peaked by reaching 84 points. We saw that the people of Istanbul see and appreciate our work. This is extremely proud for us. Despite the pandemic conditions, we worked day and night to raise the bar for passenger satisfaction without any excuse. We took action quickly by listening to the demands of the passengers. We conducted customer and satisfaction surveys to measure expectations. By following the reports published by COMET, we also monitor the status of the world's subways. We will work to increase our satisfaction rate of 84 percent in the coming years and to maintain our leadership.”


Metro Istanbul, which has participated in the research every year since 2014, has achieved the highest satisfaction rate it has ever received, as a result of the survey participated by 4 thousand 44 Istanbul residents, and has received the highest score among world cities for the first time. In the Passenger Satisfaction Survey, which was conducted by an independent audit company between July and December 2020, with 9 samples, the company achieved a satisfaction rate of 951 percent.


Headquartered in England, COMET regularly organizes a Customer Satisfaction Survey every year for its member metro businesses. To the passengers of all member metros; Questions are asked about usability, ease of access, ease of use, information during the journey, customer service, crowd, information before the journey, reliability, comfort and safety. It measures how satisfied they are with the services they receive. Member subways have the opportunity to see their place among the world subways and to determine their development areas with the measurement made.

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