Public Transport in Diyarbakir is Safe for Women

Public Transport in Diyarbakir is Safe for Women
Public Transport in Diyarbakir is Safe for Women

Women bus drivers carrying passengers within the city of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality are proud of successfully completing their challenging duties.

The female bus drivers working in the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department are actively working in urban expeditions.

Women who continue their profession, which is seen as a "man's job" despite the difficulties they experience in traffic, do not leave the wheel with the positive feedback they receive from the environment.

One of the bus drivers, Songül Varan (36), who carries her passengers with the understanding of "Women can achieve anything if they want," sets an example with her determination to work.

Varan said that he has been behind the wheel for 9 years in order to destroy the perception that being a driver is a man's job and that he loves doing his job.

Stating that it is tiring to be a driver as a mother of two children, Varan said, “Sometimes we get very tired, but fortunately, there are more points where we say we have done it.” said.

Underlining that he has gained a place in society with his profession, Varan said: “We can prove ourselves. We can be both mothers and business women. I would really like to recommend it to women who are thinking and want to come. It can be chosen as a profession. Every profession has difficulties, but we need to recognize obstacles. Not every profession is for men.”

“I think the hardest job in life is motherhood”

Noting that they had difficulties in the first days of his duty, Varan continued his speech as follows:

“We were told 'go home, do the dishes.' some have said. We sent them to wash dishes. Over time, we cooked and developed. At first, we sometimes hesitated, lost our self-confidence, and sometimes we cried. But we managed to overcome all of them very well. No job is difficult for a woman. Motherhood is the hardest job in my life. It's not a profession either. It is something done with the heart.”

Stating that there is a perception that the accident was caused by a female driver rather than how and why the accident happened, Varan said, “They acted as if there was a rule that men should drive the bus. Actually, the bus is a machine. You are the one who gave life to that machine. The machine doesn't say 'you're a woman, don't drive me'.” said.

“There are women who want to envy us and come to us”

Varan stated the following in his speech:

“We asked, 'Why did you come here, why are you doing this job, this job is not for you.' There are many who say it, but there are also many who really support it. Women who envy us and want to come to us, and women who see that we eat bread from here, also want to come and see and receive education. They also want to succeed. In fact, we expect this to pave the way for more.”

Noting that they gave confidence to the passengers, that they had few accidents and that they did not use slang words, Varan said that they touched people's hearts with their approach.

Explaining that his wife took care of his children while he was on duty, and that they lived on a common ground, Varan concluded his speech as follows:

“When my wife and I were going to marry, they said that one of them was the bus driver and the other was the security guard. They understood me as a security officer and my wife as a bus driver. They were shocked to discover later that it was me who was the bus driver. Even the women of the family I went to wanted to be a driver.”

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