What is a Dental Emergency?

What is a Dental Emergency?

What is a Dental Emergency?

Some dental problems require an emergency visit to the dentist. For example, sudden toothache is a common reason for an emergency visit to the dentist. It's important to recognize common dental emergencies to determine if your problem is an emergency. Sometimes a visit to the dentist for a dental problem may be delayed for a short time. However, some symptoms require immediate attention, as the tooth or gum tissue may be compromised.

Dentist Pertev Kökdemir gave information about some situations that require urgent visits to the dentist.

Trauma and Tooth Fractures

Accidental falls or facial injuries can damage teeth and lead to tooth fractures and loss. It is recommended to consult an emergency dentist. Thus, the tooth can be saved or planning can be made for the most appropriate treatment option.

Gum Bleeding

Sometimes bleeding gums can be caused by gingivitis. These situations require a regular visit to the dentist to evaluate the bleeding and improve the patient's oral health. However, it is recommended to go to the dentist urgently for painful, inflammatory excessive bleeding.

Toothache and Percent Swelling

In general, it is best to make an appointment with your dentist when you experience toothache. Because pain can be a sign of a dental disease. If you have started to experience a sudden and severe toothache and in addition to swelling on your face, you should immediately consult your dentist and start treatment for the source of the problem.

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