The Leading Roles of Digital Transformation Met for the 6th Time at Doruk

the leading roles of digital transformation once met at the top
the leading roles of digital transformation once met at the top

Doruk, who built the digitalization market in production management in Turkey and changed the balance in the sector with the technologies he signed, brought together the sector representatives for the sixth time in order to spread the digitalization experience to every layer of the industry. The 6th Meeting at Doruk Event, which hosts the industry companies leading the digital transformation in the industry of Turkey, was held in Antalya between October 26-28. In this meeting, the leading industrialists digitizing their production operations; He shared his experiences on many different disciplines and methodologies, especially Lean Manufacturing, 6 Sigma, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Management and World Class Manufacturing (WCM).

Performing the digital transformation of more than 300 factories around the world, Doruk makes a difference not only with its technologies but also with its initiatives that add value to the development of the sector. With the 26th Meeting at Doruk event, which was held in Antalya between October 28-XNUMX this year, the company enabled its guests who steer the industry by digitalization to experience Doruk's new artificial intelligence-supported technologies up close. In the meeting where the opening speech was made by Murat Urus, Doruk Customer Success Management Manager; Veteran industrialists using the production operations management system ProManage shared their success stories and the point they have reached in the digital transformation process. Speaking at the "Future Technologies at Doruk" panel, Doruk Board Member and ProManage Corporation General Manager Aylin Tülay Özden talked about the contributions and achievements of ProManage Cloud, which stands out with its revolutionary features in digitalization, to production operations. “How is the Future Awaiting Industries in the Digital World and How Should We Prepare?” Özden made important statements in the panel titled “EFQM Balanced Management for Sustainable Growth” presentation.

The meeting received full marks from the industrialists who shape the digitalization in the industry.

Stating that ProManage products perfectly support the application of methodologies such as Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), Lean Management, World Class Manufacturing (WCM), and 6 Sigma, industrialists stated that they provide a great advantage in their businesses with all their features. Within the scope of the event, Doruk also introduced the fair area with the concept of "Innovation & Future Factory" to the participants. This area, which includes 8 module desks, including energy, forward/backward traceability, maintenance and autonomous maintenance, quality and document management, quality measurement devices, Computer Vision, ProManage Cloud, Open, ProData, attracted great attention from the industrialists who steer digitalization in the industry.

Industrialists who switched from paper to automatic talked about their gains

In the event, sector representatives who chose digitalization to transform their factories into smart production centers came together; The improvements made by using digital tools in the production operations management of industrial companies using ProManage were examined from different perspectives such as planning, quality, operator awareness, trainings, reduction of installation times, breakdowns, Total Equipment Efficiency (OEE), Total Effective Equipment Performance (TEEP). Experienced industrialists who integrate digital infrastructures into business processes by quickly adapting to the dynamics of the era; They exchanged information in their presentations on topics such as productivity increase using the MES system, the effect of ProManage in achieving sustainable factory targets, smart solutions for variable targets in integrated factories, creating value from data and increasing turnover.

Shared experiences guide system integration

Aylin Tülay Özden spoke about the meeting at Doruk event, which they started to support visionary industrialists investing in the production management system and organized for the sixth time this year; “Meeting at Doruk - Transformation into Smart Factories Platform has created a much larger impact area than we anticipated. It has turned into an extremely useful and unique journey with the sharing of valuable experiences prepared by the companies. As Doruk, we hosted our very important business partners this year and witnessed the achievements of companies that became proactive with ProManage throughout the meeting. We think that the experiences of leading industrialists who achieved efficiency by providing system integration will guide the rapid transition to predictiveness this year. In addition to the IIoT, machine learning, augmented reality and artificial intelligence technologies we introduced at the meeting, we believe that our ProManage products, which we developed with image processing technology, will also provide digital mentorship to the industry. We will continue to accompany the digitalization journeys of our industrialists and SMEs.”

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