Plants can be built in the forested areas on the sea coast

Plants can be built in the forested areas on the sea coast
Plants can be built in the forested areas on the sea coast

According to the "bag proposal" submitted by the AK Party to the Parliament, the contract periods in the privatized ports of Maritime Enterprises and TCDD are increased to 49 years. Fish can be produced in the waters in the forest, and facilities can be built in the forested areas by the sea.

According to the news of Mustafa Çakır from the Republic The AK Party presented a new “bag proposal” to the Parliament. According to the proposal, the terms of contracts in privatized ports belonging to Turkish Maritime Enterprises and TCDD are increased to 49 years. The regulations introduced with the "bag offer" are as follows:

Forest waters can be used in fish farming. Trout fry will be produced here. Facilities for fish, mussel and oyster farming can be established in forest areas near lakes, dams and seaside. The forests on the coast will be leased to businesses.

– With the proposal, 2 percent TRT share from electricity consumption and 0.7 percent energy fund cuts will be removed. However, the implementation will begin on January 1st. No regulation was made on 18 percent VAT, which is the main burden on the invoice.

– The contract periods of privatized ports belonging to Türkiye Denizcilik İşletmeleri AŞ and TCDD, which are less than 49 years, can be extended up to 49 years. For this, it will be required to abandon the lawsuits and fulfill all obligations. If a time extension is decided, an additional contract will be signed.

– A gradual tariff will be introduced in electricity. Those who consume more than similar subscriber groups will pay more. A level suitable for the normal consumption amount will be determined for the subscriber group. Additional costs arising from consumption will be reflected to subscribers consuming above this level.

– The suspension period for oil exploration applications, which is 90 days, will be reduced to 60 days. In the proposal, it was stated, "The long application process causes the investor to leave our country due to possible changes in exchange rates."

– The investment site allocation, which is called project-based investment, provided for investments with strategic importance, technological content and high added value, will be implemented in the form of "independent and permanent easement right" for 49 years in favor of real and legal persons. In this way, it was stated that it was aimed to eliminate the collateral problem encountered in investment loans and to accelerate investments.

Confession of water in 'BAG'

In the proposal, it was admitted that "quality water resources" in the country are rapidly decreasing: "In fish farming, there is a need for quality and continuous water resources that are far from industrial facilities, where pollution is at a minimum level. However, the quality water resources needed for the development of the sector are decreasing day by day.


The carelessness in making the law with the "bag proposal" was also revealed once again. Last month, cooperatives were required to be partners in unions and unions in central unions in order for cooperatives to act as intermediaries for public-sourced agricultural supports. However, it was “forgotten” that a decision had to be taken at the general assemblies of cooperatives for this. For this, the implementation period was postponed two years later.

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