Domestic Violence Against Children Ranks First

Domestic Violence Against Children Ranks First
Domestic Violence Against Children Ranks First

The 'Child Protection and Coordination Unit', which was established by IMM so that all the children of Istanbul are equal and grow up healthy, stood by hundreds of children. He defended the right of 705 children to equal life, development, education and protection. He also provided individual counseling to 2 people on social, legal, psychological and developmental issues. The highest number of applications was due to domestic violence against children.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), which has made child-oriented policies the primary agenda of the city, produces solutions that eliminate inequalities for all segments of society. The 'Child Protection and Coordination Unit', which was established under the Social Services Department, Women and Family Services Directorate in June 2020, carries out protective and preventive studies on neglect and abuse of children.

The 'Child Protection and Coordination Unit' discloses its data on its work on the 'World Child Rights Day', which is celebrated every year on November 20 to protect children and improve their living conditions. Working with clinical psychologists, child development specialists and social workers, the unit has been with hundreds of children and thousands of people until today.


The distribution of applications received to the Child Protection and Coordination Unit, which actively provides face-to-face psychotherapy to 8 children and psychoeducational support to 10 caregivers, was realized on the following subjects:

  • Domestic Violence 23 percent,
  • Sexual Abuse 13 percent,
  • Emotional Neglect 10 Percent,
  • Emotional Abuse 9 percent,
  • Educational Neglect 9 percent,
  • Traumatic Processes 8 percent,
  • Divorced Parent 8 percent,
  • Economic Exploitation 5 percent,
  • Anxiety Problems 4 percent,
  • Addiction 3 percent,
  • age 2 percent,
  • Health Negligence 2 percent
  • Bullying 1 percent


In line with the applications received, expert teams create a personal and situation-specific professional intervention plan. The experts, who determined the program within the established plan, received applications for 358 children from 705 households to date. Within the planned action, 230 children were trained. A total of 2 services were provided to 466 people, including caregivers, on social, legal, psychological and developmental issues, including individual counseling, developmental assessment, social examination, case follow-up, psychotherapy and training.


Child Protection and Coordination Unit made referrals to IMM and other public institutions regarding the applications. When necessary as a result of 232 social investigations; Reports were made to the Child Monitoring Centers within the Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Services, Child Branch Directorate, District Governorates, district municipalities and Provincial Health Directorate.

After the center's examinations, the most accurate solutions were produced; 241 people received services from the Psychological Counseling Center, 21 people from the Women's Counseling Unit, 44 from the IMM Directorate for the Disabled, 111 from IADEMs and 94 from the Employment Offices. In addition, 29 children were registered with our Home Istanbul Children's Activity Centers.


Child Protection and Coordination Unit, which continues its activities in order to prevent any risk that may adversely affect the development of children; In addition to individual applications made via 0212 449 93 06 and 0212 449 93 34 lines, social studies within the scope of Alo 153 Solution Center, Social and Economic Support Program (SEDEP), Istanbul Family Counseling and Education Center (İSADEM), Women's Support Line (444 80 86) and the Women's Counseling Unit receives requests. The center carefully examines the incoming applications; Child Neglect and Abuse, Child Labour, Delinquent Children, Substance Abuse, Forced Marriage, Developmental and Educational Evaluation of Children, Studies on Neglect and Abuse of Children with Special Needs, Psychological Evaluation of Children and Appropriate Psychotherapy Support Studies for Parents and Caregivers It operates for the residents of Istanbul on Psycho-Social Education.

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