What is Environmental Awareness? How to Create Environmental Awareness?

What is Environmental Awareness? How to Create Environmental Awareness?
What is Environmental Awareness? How to Create Environmental Awareness?

At a time when natural resources are rapidly consumed and unusable, and the climate crisis is showing its dangerous face, environmental awareness plays a key role for global welfare. Environmental awareness, which stands out as a concept that individuals and societies need to hold on tightly, is extremely important for the future of our planet.

Environmental Awareness and Environmental Protection Concept

The concept of environment, which we can briefly define as the environment where living and non-living things coexist, actually includes the whole world on a large scale. This system, which includes air, water, soil and all living things, is unfortunately damaged due to the unconscious behaviors and attitudes of human beings. Damages caused by fossil fuel consumption, industrialization and similar actions put the environment on an irreversible path. When we look at the damage to the environment on a small scale, it is clearly seen that individuals are also partners in this damage. Although we are not aware of it as modern people, our lifestyle and daily habits cause much bigger problems by damaging the environment. For this reason, having environmental awareness and taking steps to protect the environment, regardless of children, young and old, can reverse this bad trend.

What is Environmental Awareness?

Environmental awareness can be characterized as a respectful attitude towards the living space that people share with other living things, plants and nature. However, the answer to the question "What is environmental awareness?" has become a phenomenon that includes renewable alternative energy sources and environmental movements, since it includes many fields today. Environmental awareness, which is a very broad concept, is widely perceived as the protection of natural resources. The dependence of living things on natural resources makes it much more necessary to create environmental and nature awareness. The rapid depletion of water resources, the reduction of forest areas and the more frequent occurrence of natural disasters are among the biggest reasons for this necessity.

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report published in August 2021 shows that our planet is rapidly heading towards irreversible destruction due to global warming.(1) The report clearly reveals that the biggest cause of global warming is industrial activities. For this reason, although individual environmental awareness is important, it is of great importance for all organizations to act with environmental awareness. İşbank offers environmentally friendly loans to support individuals and organizations in this regard, with an environmentally conscious banking approach. Supporting environmentally conscious initiatives in many areas, from projects involving renewable energy sources to projects aiming to protect the sea and nature, İşbank works towards the goal of a cleaner and more livable tomorrow.

​The Importance of Gaining Environmental and Nature Awareness

Bringing environmental and nature awareness to individuals is the biggest step in offering a cleaner and more livable world to all people. In order to gain this awareness, it is extremely important to know nature and the environment, to take individual actions to protect these areas and to raise awareness of other individuals on this issue. “How to create environmental awareness?” The answer to the question is answered in different ways by non-governmental organizations, governments and foundations. It is also very easy to reach detailed information about creating environmental awareness in the communication age. You can adapt this information to your lifestyle by researching the right sources for yourself and those around you, and by sharing it with other people, you can help them to have environmental and nature awareness.

Raising environmental awareness can provide a new chance for the future of the world by reducing the rapid consumption and pollution of the world's resources. A collective environmental awareness, from individual contributions to corporate and governmental contributions, helps us to have a greener and natural future more than expected. Apart from individual studies, awareness-raising activities carried out by institutions and states are of great importance for the protection of our world. Informative projects of organizations, the transfer of this awareness in public schools and activities based on volunteerism support more and more people to take steps to protect the environment and nature.

To Greener and Natural Futures: Recommendations for Raising Environmental Awareness

We can have a greener, cleaner and more livable world by approaching our environment in a more respectful and conscious way. For this, even changing some habits of your daily life as a first step can help you take a big step on this path. Small measures such as minimizing unnecessary energy expenditures in living spaces, avoiding unnecessary consumption and waste, turning to renewable resources, reducing household waste, taking individual measures that reduce carbon footprint will contribute to the home economy and your level of well-being, as well as contribute to the fight for a better environment. also allows you to participate. A brighter future and a cleaner world that you can build for yourself and your loved ones is a great legacy we can leave for the people of tomorrow.

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