Castrol Ford Team Turkey is One Step Closer to 2021 'Brands Championship'

Castrol Ford Team Turkey is One Step Closer to 2021 'Brands Championship'
Castrol Ford Team Turkey is One Step Closer to 2021 'Brands Championship'

Returning from the European Rally Cup Final with the "Youth" and "Two Wheel Drive" Championship last week, Castrol Ford Team Turkey successfully completed the 13th Kocaeli Rally, the 14th leg of the Shell Helix 2021 Turkey Rally Championship held on 5-38 November. completed.

The young drivers of Castrol Ford Team Turkey left their mark on the 38th Kocaeli Rally; Ümit Can Özdemir general classification race kazanHe became the name of the moment, and Emre Hasbay left his rivals behind in the "Youth" category and reached the 2021 championship. Castrol Ford Team Turkey, with this important success, will be the first of the championships it aims for in 2021. kazanHe ended the Kocaeli Rally.

The 5th Kocaeli Rally, the 38th leg of the Shell Helix Turkey Rally Championship, was held in Kocaeli between 13-14 November this year. In the 1970th Kocaeli Rally, which was first held in 38 and considered as one of the most important stages of the Turkish Rally Championship, a total of 2 kilometers, 7 kilometers of which were special stages, covered a total of 102,54 kilometers in 304,06 stages, in XNUMX days, on the dirt track.

Castrol Ford Team Turkey's young pilots Emre Hasbay and Ali Türkkan started this rally in the first 2 places of the championship in both '2-wheel drive' and 'Youth' classifications. Castrol Ford Team Turkey's young pilot Emre Hasbay and his co-pilot Burak Erdener in the high-tempo race '2-wheel drive' and 'Youths' came to the top with a magnificent performance at the wheel of the Ford Fiesta R2T, with one race remaining to the end of the season, as the team in the 2021 season. aspect kazan"Turkey Rally Young Drivers Championship", which is one of the championships aimed to be kazanguaranteed May.

Emre Hasbay, who was selected from the pilot selections organized by Castrol Ford Team Turkey in 2019 to support young and talented pilots in rally sport with the name "Drive to the Future" and continued his career with this luck, proved his talent and stability and won his first championship. kazanwas.

While the duo of Emre Hasbay and Burak Erdener settled at the top, just after that, last week, they brought the European Rally Cup to Turkey in the “Youth” class. kazandıran Ali Türkkan and his co-pilot Aras Dinçer followed them and became the second step in the "Young Pilots" class. kazanwas. Ümit Can Özdemir and his co-driver Batuhan Memişyazıcı, who got behind the wheel of the four-wheel drive Fiesta R5 for the first time this year in Castrol Ford Team Turkey, achieved their first race victory in their careers in the Turkish Rally Championship. kazanHe completed the 38th Kocaeli Rally as the winner of the “General classification”. Castrol Ford Team Turkey pilots showed that they are one of the strongest candidates for the next races and the championship this year and for the coming years, by increasing their speed each stage in the dirt-ground stages of the Kocaeli Rally.

Young pilots in their 20s dominated the Turkish Youth Championship

Castrol Ford Team Turkey's young and promising pilots made a successful start this year and left their mark on the Turkey Rally Young Drivers Championship. In the Turkish Youth Championship, Emre Hasbay took the 1st place with his Ford Fiesta R2T car, and Ali Türkkan took the 2nd place with his Ford Fiesta Rally4 car. Ford's international award-winning engine 2 EcoBoost is used in Ford Fiesta R4T and Ford Fiesta Rally1,0 vehicles. In Ford Fiesta Rally4, on the other hand, 1.0 EcoBoost engine developed for rally with 210 HP is used.

Castrol Ford Team Turkey is one race away from its 15th Championship

Castrol Ford Team, which raced more than 20 cars at the same time in the Turkish Rally Championship, continues to support the infrastructure of rally sports in Turkey. Ford, which is the most preferred automobile brand in the championship, stands out with its performance and durability. Castrol Ford Team Turkey, which has been leading the Turkish Rally Brands Championship since the beginning of the season, is taking firm steps towards its 15th championship this year. Castrol Ford Team Turkey, which won the 38 Turkey Rally Young Drivers Championship in the 2021th Kocaeli Rally, aims to carry the 2021 Turkey Rally Brands Championship and the 2021 Turkey Rally Two-Wheel Drive Championship to its museum at the end of the season.

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