Büyükakın: We Want to Start Our Kartepe Cable Car Project Quickly

Büyükakın: We Want to Start Our Kartepe Cable Car Project Quickly
Büyükakın: We Want to Start Our Kartepe Cable Car Project Quickly

Marmara Municipalities Union and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın met with citizens during a series of visits in Kartepe district. Stating that everyone living in Kocaeli, workers, civil servants, housewives, young-old, male-female, voter-elected, expresses an active urban awareness in expressing the shortcomings they face and finding solutions for them, Mayor Büyükakın said, He had a chat with the citizens. Stating that they have brought dozens of services and works to Kartepe district so far, Mayor Büyükakın said, "Now we have rolled up our sleeves to bring in 7 more of our projects." Meeting with the citizens in Kartepe Köseköy District, Mayor Büyükakın said, “We see all our citizens as a part of the solution in the face of the deficiencies we see in our district. Suggestions and ideas that you will convey to us on every subject will open the door to new projects in our Kartepe district or in our entire city.”


Mayor Büyükakın, who stated that they will continue to invest in Kartepe district with the participation of Kartepe Mayor Mustafa Kocaman and AK Party District President Sadık Yılmaz, said, “We are taking steps for our vision projects, especially superstructure arrangements. We will construct the 645-meter-long Marshal Fevzi Çakmak Avenue, the 460-meter-long 13th Street, the 1200-meter-long Manavgat Avenue, the 2750-meter-long Çepni Avenue and the 1985-meter Sultan Beyazıt Avenue. No stopping in service. We will continue to produce for Kartepe and our city.”


Mayor Büyükakın, who informed the people of Kartepe by saying, "We will also make the intersection arrangement at the intersection of Sezenler Street and Şenlik Street in Köseköy District," said, "We will make arrangements in order to ensure pedestrian and traffic safety and to prevent undefined areas. In addition, another intersection in our study is at the intersection of Orhangazi Street and Bozkurt Street in Sarımeşe Mahallesi. In another study, Goodyear lights will be in the early return pocket. We will realize this area, which is located at the intersection of D-100 and Çuhane Street, in order to provide safe access to Köseköy and Arslanbey neighborhoods.”


Expressing that they will also implement the intersection arrangement in the Brisa location, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr Tahir Büyükakın said, “With this arrangement, which is located at the intersection of D-100 Highway and Sakıp Sabancı Street, we aim to ensure the safe turning of heavy tonnage vehicles at intersections. We will also provide our Kartepe district with a more beautiful alternative to the existing road of Çuhane Avenue. Our friends worked intensively on this project, and they continue to do so.”


Stating that they will bring a very different vision to the region with the Kartepe Cable Car project, President Büyükakın said, “Our citizens from different cities of our country, from all corners of Kartepe and Kocaeli, will come to our region. A pre-qualification tender was held for the ropeway project that will add value to Kartepe, which we expect to make an important impact both in terms of tourism potential and local economic dynamics. We want to start our ropeway project quickly. Our cable car project, which will include two stations, will have a capacity of 1500 people per hour," he informed the citizens. President Büyükakın also thanked the intense and sincere interest of the citizens during the visits.

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