Bursaray Woodland Station was put into service

Bursaray Woodworking Station Has Been Put into Service
Bursaray Woodworking Station Has Been Put into Service

Bursaray's Odunluk Station, which was built by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality between Acemler Bursaspor and Nilüfer stations, where the distance between the two stations is the longest at 2300 meters, was put into service. Speaking at the ceremony, Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that 35 thousand people used the Odunluk Station during the one-week trial period.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented works such as road widening and new roads, promoting public transportation, optimizing the rail system signalization in order to eliminate the transportation problem in Bursa, has added a new station to the existing rail system line. A new station was built between Acemler Bursaspor and Nilüfer stations by the Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation in order to meet the needs of the new stadium, hotels, hospital, shopping malls, cafeterias and the area where pedestrian activity is intense. While the station buildings add a different value to the region with their modern exterior appearance, the opening ceremony of the Odunluk Station was attended by Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Provincial Police Chief Tacettin Aslan, AK Party Deputy Provincial President Ufuk Ay and many guests.

1 thousand passengers in 35 week

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş pointed out that the new stadium, hotels, hospital, shopping centers, cafeterias and pedestrian mobility in the region are intense, and reminded that the new station is an important need for easy access to the region. Expressing that the station buildings will be built with the support of sponsors, but the company that will be the sponsor withdrew from sponsorship on the pretext of their work, Mayor Aktaş announced that the facility, which cost about 30 million, was built with the resources of the Metropolitan. Expressing that the new station has been in use for a week and 1 thousand people used the Woodland Station during this period, Mayor Aktaş added that the most aesthetic station of Bursaray in terms of architecture was brought to the region.

2022 tender and investment year

Expressing that they have carried out important works since the first day they took office, especially in order to expand public transportation, Mayor Aktaş said, “We have included 773 new vehicles in our fleet in the center and districts. In other words, we renewed three of the 4 vehicles. Currently, we have one of the youngest transportation fleets in Europe with an average age of 5,4 years. In addition, we have completed and commissioned the signaling optimization that we have implemented with an investment of approximately 140 million. Thus, we increased our carrying capacity from 280 thousand to 460 thousand. No more waiting 6 minutes or 4 minutes depending on the station. A new series of wagons comes every 2 minutes. Work on the T2 line continues rapidly. It is not seen because the production continues abroad, but we will have finished it in the first 6 months of next year. The tender for Emek City Hospital to be made by the Ministry has been cancelled. It is in the Council of State for the second time, but we aim to finish it in the second half of 2023 at the latest. We have works related to the Acemler region, we have ongoing works. Our financing is ready, our teams are ready, and 2022 will pass with much more intense tenders and construction works.”

Reminding that the pre-pandemic figures are still not reached in public transportation, President Aktaş added that the transport capacity, which was 950 thousand before the pandemic, has just begun to see 750 thousand.

Then, President Aktaş and the protocol members, who cut the opening ribbon, toured the station buildings and traveled with Bursara.

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