Young People Met in Bursa at the EU-Turkey Climate Forum

Young People Met in Bursa at the EU-Turkey Climate Forum

Young People Met in Bursa at the EU-Turkey Climate Forum

In the EU-Turkey Youth Climate Forum organized in BUTEKOM by Bursa EU Information Center operating under Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), students were informed about sustainable ecosystem and climate change.

The EU Information Center, which has been operating under BTSO since 1997 within the scope of the project to support the EU Information Centers Network in Turkey, which is being implemented with the financial support of the EU Delegation to Turkey, continues its activities in line with its annual activity plan. EU-Turkey Youth Climate Forum was organized by Bursa EU Information Center within the scope of EU Climate Diplomacy Week activities in order to spread awareness of climate change and sustainability among young people. In the forum, which was held with the participation of young people between the ages of 15-25 at the Bursa Technology Coordination and R&D Center (BUTEKOM) Conference Hall, important information was shared about the road map that should be followed by the decision makers and the actions to be taken in the context of the climate crisis.


Alparslan Şenocak, Member of the Board of Directors of BTSO, who made the opening speech of the forum, said that the event will provide great benefits in raising awareness of young people on climate change and determining action plans. Expressing that a holistic approach should be followed in order to eliminate the risks posed by climate change, Şenocak said, “We have to be proactive and produce solutions against climate change. In this regard, studies that will increase the level of knowledge and awareness of our young people, who are the future of our country, will definitely be beneficial. Young people will be the decision makers, industrialists and scientists of the future. Therefore, the most important group that needs to be made aware of climate change is our youth. I wish this meaningful event organized by Bursa EU Information Center to be productive, and I would like to thank everyone who contributed and contributed.” said.


After the opening speech, the forum started. The session chaired by Bursa Uludağ University Textile Engineering Department Faculty Member and Technical Sciences Vocational School Director Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karahan, Bursa Uludağ University (BUÜ) Environmental Engineering Department Head Assoc. Dr. Efsun Dindar, Bursa Technical University (BTU) Environmental Engineering Faculty Member Dr. Aşkın Birgül, Bursa Eskişehir Bilecik Development Agency (BEBKA) Industrial Symbiosis Project Specialist Nalan Tepe Şençayır, Green Environmental Treatment Plant Operation Cooperative Consulting Services Officer Gülçin Dündar and Environmental Engineer Yasin Davan from Green Environmental Treatment Plant Operation Cooperative made presentations. In the Forum, sustainable water resources use strategies, new generation treatment technologies for sustainable industry, advanced biological treatment plants and recycling of process water, carbon footprint detection and carbon emission reduction improvements in production processes, good practice examples in resource efficiency and country strategies were discussed at the Forum within the scope of the Green Deal. different topics were covered.


After the forum, students examined BUTEKOM, Bursa Model Factory and Energy Efficiency Center, which are macro projects implemented in line with the sustainable production vision of BTSO. Young people gained awareness and gained knowledge and experience on sustainability and climate change with the workshops organized.

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