Beyşehir Ring Road Will Add Vitality to Tourism

Beyşehir Ring Road Will Add Vitality to Tourism
Beyşehir Ring Road Will Add Vitality to Tourism

Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, pointed out that they have increased their highway investments in Konya from 972 million liras to 11 billion 563 million liras, and said, "Even these figures clearly show the difference between 'producing empty words' and 'providing services'. Emphasizing that one of these investments is the Beyşehir Ring Road, Karaismailoğlu said that the 8,3 kilometer long ring road will add vitality to the tourism of the lakes region.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu spoke at the opening of the Beyşehir Ring Road; “During the term of our government, our investment and breakthrough moves in all transportation modes, especially our highways, continue unabated. The AK Party government, which has been in power for 19 years with the support of our nation, is the unifier of the reform moves carried out in every field with the goal of a great and powerful Turkey. Thanks to the stability achieved with the AK Party, our country experienced the brightest years in the history of the Republic in many areas from economy to production. It continues to live. Thanks to these reform movements, our country; It is preparing for a stronger future, new investments, more employment opportunities, and a bright future for our youth in every field, especially in transportation and communication.”


Emphasizing that the investments made under the responsibility of the Ministry are of critical importance in this process, Karaismailoğlu continued as follows:

“While someone was seeking cooperation with all sides to disrupt the stability we have achieved for 19 years, we invested over 2003 trillion 2021 billion liras in transportation and communication areas in our country between 1-131. We built the 'shortest commercial route' from Asia to Europe via Marmaray. We have made possible the uninterrupted highway travel from Edirne to Şanlıurfa. We are continuing our efforts to launch Türksat 6A, our national communication satellite, in the first quarter of 2023. We are bringing modern, safe and environmentally friendly transportation to all corners of our country with our High Speed ​​​​Train lines, which are used, built and planned by starting the reform process in railways. We took our divided highway length across the country from 6 kilometers and increased it to 100 kilometers. This success; those who take their power from the people, who see 'service to the public as service to God', who are in love with this country, Konya and Beyşehir.”


Karaismailoğlu, who noted that they are happy to increase the length of the highway more than twice, to 3 kilometers in order to enable the citizens to travel more comfortably, safely and quickly, said that they have crossed deep valleys and exuberant streams with bridges and viaducts, and they will continue to do so. Underlining that they have increased the length of the bridge and viaduct to 532 kilometers, Minister of Transport Karaismailoğlu said, “We knew how to cross the impassable mountains with tunnels. We increased our tunnel length from 708 kilometers to 50 kilometers. With our ongoing investments, these numbers will increase even more.”

Stating that Konya, the apple of the eye of Anatolia, also got its share from transportation and communication investments, Karaismailoğlu underlined that they increased the divided road length of Konya by 647 percent from 167 kilometers to 200 kilometers. “In the period of our governments, in Konya; Along with the construction and repair of 600 kilometers of single road, we also put into service 136 kilometers of bituminous hot-coated roads," said Karaismailoğlu, adding that they have brought 613 bridges with a total length of 9 meters, together with a 686-meter-long double-tube tunnel.


Karaismailoğlu said, “Before us, only 972 million TL was spent for highway investments in Konya. We couldn't see this in Konya. In the 2003-2021 period, we increased this amount 11 times to 11 billion 563 million liras. Even these figures clearly show the difference between 'making empty words' and 'providing services'. Of course, we did not stop there; The total project cost of our investments on 15 separate highways, which are still continuing throughout the province of Konya, exceeds 6 billion 110 million liras.”


Noting that they continued their investments without slowing down by taking the measures envisaged by the Ministry of Health during the pandemic process that affected Turkey and the world, Transport Minister Karaismailoğlu used the following statements:

“For about two years, we have become one of the leading countries in the world, growing by 2021 percent in the first quarter of 7 and by 21,7 percent in the second quarter, thanks to the production and investment decisions taken by our government on time and on time. At the end of the year, the growth expectations for our country, which attracts the attention of foreign investors with its competitive power, are above 8 percent. We strive to be the third fastest growing country in the OECD after China and India. These numbers are an indication of the work that can be done by those who fall in love with their country, nation and work and set their minds on this path with all their heart and soul.”


Karaismailoğlu, who gave information about Beyşehir Ring Road, continued his speech as follows:

“Our Beyşehir Ring Road, which will relieve the road traffic of Beyşehir, the growing district of agriculture, trade and industry; With a length of 8,3 kilometers, it consists of 5 at-grade intersections, 14 box culverts and 2 underpasses. The platform width of our Beyşehir Ring Road is 26 meters. Our four-lane Ring Road will relieve the Beyşehir crossing of the Konya-Beyşehir-Derebucak-Antalya Road. At the same time, we get safer, faster and more comfortable transportation by taking the region's transit highway out of the district. The realization of our project will eliminate traffic congestion and waiting times. Thus, 3,8 million liras from time and 500 thousand liras from fuel; We will save 4,3 million liras annually. Our ring road, which will reduce carbon emissions by 202 tons, will also add vitality to the tourism of our lakes region. The people of Beyşehir and Konya are more than worthy of all the investments we have made and will make. Since 2003, our governments have aimed to serve our people and continue their services with love and enthusiasm. With our belief that 'the best of people are those who are useful to people', we once again say "don't stop, just keep going".

After the opening, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu also took a test drive on the Beyşehir Ring Road. Karaismailoğlu met with tradesmen within the scope of Konya Akşehir and Beyşehir contacts. Karaismailoğlu, who also visited Hüyük Municipality and Beyşehir Municipality, received information about the works.

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