What Should Be Considered While Consuming Foods?

What Should Be Considered While Consuming Foods?
What Should Be Considered While Consuming Foods?

Just as healthy nutrition is important for maintaining ideal weight, food types, cooking methods and consumption patterns are also important in terms of maintaining our body balance and being healthy individuals.

Cooking foods in the oven or preparing them by boiling will not cause protein denaturation without losing healthy fatty acids. In addition to cooking methods, the way of consuming foods is also important in this respect. Cooking and consuming meat as a whole without turning it into minced meat helps to increase the amount of protein you will get.

Lack of hand hygiene is the cause of infection!

Not drinking water just before a meal is also important for health. Starting to eat after watching the stomach acid balance causes an increase in oral microbes and the risk of disease. For this reason, water consumption should be stopped half an hour and 45 minutes before meals, and water consumption should be continued after the end of the meal. It has been seen that the germs that can be taken orally are more related to hand hygiene. When you start eating without cleaning or disinfecting your hands well, it can cause many viral infections that can lead to gastrointestinal diseases.

“Hands must be washed”

When we eat any food by hand, we actually open a big door to diseases. Foods that can be consumed by hand when we do not wash our hands well and our hand hygiene is not sufficient; Hamburger and offal-style foods, we send the microorganisms we have into our bodies. Because; I recommend that you consume foods that are eaten with hands, such as hamburgers, carefully.
Using gloves while consuming food is somewhat more advantageous. However, hands must be washed with gloves. I recommend the absence of glove powder and, if possible, prefer sterile gloves.

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