Balçova Cable Car Facilities Hosted Little Visitors

Balçova Cable Car Facilities Hosted Little Visitors
Balçova Cable Car Facilities Hosted Little Visitors

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Cable Car Facilities, which is one of the important touristic centers of the city with both Gulf and dam views, has become a frequent destination for children on holiday. The Cable Car Facilities, which attract great attention from the people of Izmir and the guests from outside the city, offer an unforgettable day to the visitors with its unique nature and scenery.

The Cable Car Facilities operated by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in Balçova became one of the most popular sightseeing spots of the visitors. Taking the opportunity of a one-week vacation, the people of Izmir and the guests from outside the city got on the cable car gondola and went up to Dede Mountain. He watched İzmir and Balçova Dam from the viewing terrace. Children were the favorite guests of the Cable Car Facilities.

The wiew is wonderful

Ege Bostaş, who stated that he has visited the Cable Car Facilities since he was a child, said, “I love this place very much. It is surrounded by nature and has many places to visit. I am having a great time here. There is even a small baby park. You see an excellent view, especially when you go up here by gondola.”

Expressing that they came to Izmir from Fethiye for a holiday, Elif Şevval Başbal and Berrin Alisir said, “It's a beautiful place. We had never taken the cable car in Fethiye before. It has been a very good experience for us,” he said.

an unforgettable moment

Nazlı Başel, who said that she came to İzmir by taking the opportunity to take a holiday from Istanbul, said, “The Cable Car Facilities is a very beautiful place. There is a lot of green space and I really liked it. It makes me feel like I'm flying, I've never ridden before," he said.
Achilles Tepeli, who visited for the first time with his brother, stated that he liked the Cable Car Facilities very much and said, “It was a memory that I can tell my friends. I would love to come again.” Nil Lazoğlu, who is in the third grade, said, “I visited the Cable Car Facilities for the second time. "I love to ride gondolas," he said.

4 tops in minutes

Operated by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZULAŞ company, the cable car ascends to Balçova Dede Mountain, which is 4 meters high, in approximately 432 minutes, and offers holidaymakers the opportunity to watch İzmir from a different perspective. Visitors, who have the chance to watch İzmir panoramically during the 810-meter line, can benefit from the facilities and recreation area by walking in a unique nature at the summit, in the green of pine trees, in a clean air. In the recreation area, there are 5 cafeterias operated by Grand Plaza A.Ş., a company of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, and a meat house with controlled barbecue service.

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