Bakkalcioglu gave information about the studies on level crossings

Bakkalcioglu gave information about the studies on level crossings

Bakkalcioglu gave information about the studies on level crossings

Bozüyük Mayor Mehmet Talat Bakkalcıoğlu made important statements about the work done on the level crossings that pass through the middle of the district and stop the traffic from time to time, during the meetings that were out of the agenda after the Bozüyük Municipality Council November Ordinary Meeting.

Speaking at the end of the assembly meeting, Justice and Development Party Municipal Assembly Member Abdurrahman Kirghiz expressed the problems experienced at level crossings and said, “We waited for the fire department to open the level crossing for about half an hour in the past days. The train came, blocked the road, we waited for the train to pass. As you know, a train track passes through the middle of Bozüyük, and I hear and think that this train transportation will increase with each passing day. Now our hospital has also been built. I would also like to thank those who contributed here. I think we need a level crossing as a municipality,” he said, and asked what could be done about it.

Upon this question, Chairman Bakkalcıoğlu stated that they have been conducting high-level meetings and important studies with DDY on level crossings since the first day he took office.

He said that, within the scope of the studies, a Viaduct bridge project that will also solve the traffic problem in Saraycık Street has been prepared and submitted to DDY for approval, and that the project has been waiting for approval for approximately 1 year. President Bakkalcıoğlu said, “We said we should build a one-lane, one-way road. In other words, instead of closing Saraycık Street altogether, it is a single lane, 4 meters wide and one-way bridge that passes either from south to north or from north to south. It can happen then. In the form of a viaduct. Now we are waiting for its result. This is not approved. I don't know why our State Railways don't approve. And there is the bridge behind the kokorec shops by Turan Ekmek. You have to build that bridge. We are ready for any kind of contribution, but we are waiting. Hopefully, in the coming days, our State Railways will approve and bridge construction will be opened. The bridge in the project we sent is a bridge that will contribute to the traffic in the city, both in the industrial market and on Saraycık Street. “First priority.” we think,” he said.

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