Atatürk Mansion Prepares for the 100th Anniversary

Atatürk Mansion Prepares for the 100th Anniversary
Atatürk Mansion Prepares for the 100th Anniversary

Atatürk Mansion Restoration Project, announced by Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu a while ago, continues to be appreciated by all segments.

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu stated that they will make the Atatürk Mansion compatible with its importance with the comprehensive project they have prepared. President Zorluoğlu has expressed the importance he attaches to Atatürk Mansion many times since the day he took office, and his statement that they would like to hold the 100th anniversary reception of the Republic in the garden of the mansion, if appropriate, won the appreciation of everyone.


In the statement made by the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, it was stated that the statements of Mayor Zorluoğlu about the Atatürk Mansion were intended to be distorted by some media organs. It was stated that the statement of Chairman Zorluoğlu that "There are objects and paintings that have no connection with the past, were hanged unnecessarily over time and have nothing to do with history" were intended to be presented as "Items have disappeared" and that such a situation does not exist. President Zorluoğlu used the following statements about the Atatürk Mansion Project; “Atatürk Mansion is a very historical place where Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of our Republic, stayed during his visits to Trabzon. The outside of the building, as well as the furniture and similar materials inside, really do not correspond to the importance of this place. We identified this situation and established a commission with our professors working in this field. The project has been prepared. Our project regarding its maintenance, repair and restoration has passed the Board. We are now starting the bidding process. We will carry out a study not only for the restoration of the exterior and interior, but also for the classification of existing furniture through a separate commission. We aim to keep those connected with the past, and to remove unnecessary objects and paintings that hang over time and have nothing to do with history. And we think that Atatürk Mansion will be put into service on 100 October of 2023, the 29th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic. It is our wish that the 29 October 2023 reception will be held in the garden of Atatürk Mansion. We have such a goal.”


The statement made by Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality was completed with the following statements; “The fact that the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality will comprehensively restore the Atatürk Mansion was welcomed by our fellow citizens from all points of view. It is not in Murat Zorluoğlu's understanding of municipality to leave the Atatürk Mansion to a view of darkening marbles and cracking plaster. So much so that if President Zorluoğlu had not put forward such a project, everyone knows that this time the same circles would have said that 'Atatürk Mansion was left to its fate'. Atatürk Mansion will be restored in two phases, and the interior as well as the exterior will be made suitable for its historical texture. Disinformation purposes made in all important projects reveal the accuracy of the work done. Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality will continue to work towards becoming a more livable city and to protect its history. It is announced to the public with respect.”

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