Aprilia Tuareg 660 Top-of-Class On and Off-Road

Aprilia Tuareg 660 Top-of-Class On and Off-Road
Aprilia Tuareg 660 Top-of-Class On and Off-Road

Aprilia, one of the world's leading Italian motorcycle icons, is preparing to launch the new member of the 660 family, the Tuareg 660, on the roads of Turkey as of the end of January 2022. Combining the perfect Italian design with the family's 660 cc twin-cylinder engine, Aprilia continues to offer an excellent power-to-weight ratio just like the rest of the family. Aprilia Tuareg, with its class-leading electronic systems, offers tremendous performance in asphalt use, while revealing its adventurous identity with its high and solid structure, it brings the toughest conditions to its knees. Tuareg 660, which will be put up for sale by Doğan Trend Automotive, is counting the days to hit the roads of Turkey.

Italian motorcycle giant Aprilia completes its 660 family with the brand new Tuareg. After the sports naked and supersport models, the brand introduced the Tuareg 660, a member of the adventure class of the platform, and created the Aprilia Tuareg 660 by blending its attractive Italian design, advanced advanced technology, high-performance engine with its adventurous identity.

A real dirt bike

Following the Aprilia 660 platform's RS and Tuono 660 models designed for street driving, the Tuareg 660 is the brand new model of the family that focuses on real terrain driving. The name Tuareg, which has an extremely important history; It stands for a unique set of values ​​that guarantee ride quality, performance and fun. Tuareg 660, which is an excellent off-road motorcycle, promises unparalleled driving pleasure in asphalt use and even on long journeys.

Those who seek freedom will find it with the Tuareg

It was designed to accompany those seeking freedom, the core value of the culture of the Tuareg people, who call themselves 'imohag' meaning 'free men'. The real mission of Aprilia Tuareg is defined as the gift of freedom to its user. Developed on the technical infrastructure of the Aprilia 660 twin-cylinder engine, the engine was designed from the first sketches to be mounted on a chassis architecture designed for a different use. The Tuareg 660 was designed, developed and built to blend the features of single-cylinder Enduro bikes and mid-size Adventure bikes. Offering advanced off-road Adventure motorcycle driving features, the Tuareg 660 raises the bar and offers excellent asphalt driving characteristics with its advanced technical infrastructure, 80 HP twin-cylinder engine performance and 187 kg curb weight.

Perfect design in the world's favorite center

The Tuareg 660 was designed by the Piaggio Group's design center PADC (Piaggio Advanced Design Center) in Pasadena, California, where trends are developed before they spread around the world. In this particular design centre, the designers led by Miguel Galluzi envisioned a striking and very distinctive style, sacrificing non-functional elements to keep size and overall weight under control throughout the development process. Design embodied in this motorcycle with the goal of a perfect balance between looks, technology and functionality. While the details and technical elements from the world of Outdoor and Adventure are blended in the design phase, Aprilia Tuareg 660 offers a structure ready to meet all kinds of needs with its functional elements. The graphics and logo of the Indaco Tagelmust version refer to the 1988 Tuareg 600 Wind.

Innovative features and accessories

A very unique and innovative solution was chosen for the front fairing, all made of plexiglass. The front fairing, which is produced with a special technopolymer material reinforced with glass fiber, increases the viewing angle with its completely transparent structure, while also serving as the support structure of the instrument panel and reveals the attention to detail in the Tuareg 660. Classic side panels are also not used under the seat. Instead, two removable panels come into play when mounting the pannier kit (optionally available as an accessory). The full-LED headlights feature a new, compact headlight unit with perimeter DRL. For the first time in this class, the Tuareg 660 benefits from the double cladding concept, which has already been successfully implemented on the RS 660 and Tuono 660 and serves as an aerodynamic add-on. This highlights Aprilia's efforts to develop aerodynamic solutions that contribute to performance and comfort.

A real Aprilia with ergonomics and driving characteristics

While developing the Tuareg 660, it was developed with the aim of combining the features of two different worlds, the single-cylinder Enduro motorcycles and the Adventure. Therefore, implementing ergonomics of use was one of the most important challenges. The parallel configuration of the Aprilia twin-cylinder engine allowed the designers to create a balanced seat height and a low leg angle, allowing riders of different lengths to reach the ground more easily.

The subframe has been lowered as much as possible in order to combine the high rear wheel suspension path, which is a must for off-road riding, with a reasonable seat height. Thus, a stylish but accessible rear design emerged. In order to achieve an extremely compact and slim motorcycle, great attention was paid to dimensions, especially the ergonomics of the rider's seating.

It does not leave it on the road in the field!

The Tuareg 18, which has managed to make a big difference compared to its competitors with its 450-liter volume and a fuel tank that offers a range of up to 660 km, does not leave its driver on the road even in difficult terrain conditions where no station can be found. The wide and high tapered aluminum handlebars give the rider optimum control, giving the handling and feel unique to all Aprilia chassis architectures. Both the driver and the passenger enjoy a comfortable ride with the soft seat and two integrated handles. The Tuareg 660 offers a steep ride that supports off-road use. It is reminiscent of the extremely compact mid-range single-cylinder Enduro motorcycles. The layout of the seat and sides gives the rider plenty of room to move. For maximum off-road control, the rubber foot covers can be removed and the end of the rear brake lever can be easily lifted. The high position of the handlebars allows a slightly forward leaning body position for a constantly active ride and an upright stance. Measures to reduce weight bring with it an curb weight of only 204 kg, one of the best in its class. Tuareg; It sets new standards in off-road driving with its light structure, compact dimensions, excellent balance and wide suspension paths.

Aprilia raises the bar with chassis architecture

The Aprilia chassis has always been considered the best in the world, with its sporty handling characteristics and the unique front-wheel feel they provide. All these chassis reflect the experience of Aprilia Racing, which has won 54 world championships. Like its siblings, the Tuareg 660 chassis raises the bar both on and off-road. Everything is different when the RS and Tuono are designed for tougher conditions and the payload is taken into account. The subframe is welded to the chassis to achieve a solid structure that can withstand loads of up to 210 kg, meeting any cargo needs when traveling with panniers and a passenger. Structural rigidity is achieved by connecting the engine to the chassis at six points instead of three on the RS 660 and two on the Tuono 660. Thus (as in the RS 660 and Tuono 660) it is no longer used as a bearing element, but as a tension element. Having it rotated about 10° rearward compared to street bikes makes the row of cylinders more upright, giving it a more stable structure and increasing agility in sharp turns.

Off-road suspension and tires

Designed to provide maximum traction, the long double-arm aluminum swingarm is connected to both the chassis and the engine, operating the stepped link shock absorber. Boasting an extremely long suspension travel (240 mm), the Kayaba suspension system features hydraulic rebound, damping and compression as well as spring preload (uses hydraulic preload arm for shock absorber) adjustment. The setup chosen by Aprilia easily overcomes even the toughest terrain conditions, while at the same time offering a pleasant ride on the road. TubeThe dimensions of the less aluminum wheels also reveal the intended use of the Tuareg 660: the front rim is 2,5 x 21 inches and the rear rim is 4,5 x 18 inches. Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires are used in 90/90 at the front and 150/70 at the rear. Brembo braking system; It consists of dual 300mm discs with dual-piston calipers at the front and a 260mm floating disc with a single-piston caliper at the rear.

Performance and safety with the APRC electronics package

Aprilia, one of the motorcycle manufacturers that prioritizes technology, is again in a pioneering position by offering the APRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control) electronic control system. Developed in harsh racing conditions, the system is recognized by customers and critics as the most effective and advanced solution available. Aprilia Tuareg 660 is equipped with a special APRC electronic control system calibrated for performance and safety. Thanks to this, the model has an electronic multi-map electronic throttle for precise throttle control from the lower revs and special settings for a safe and exciting ride on the road, but also a thoroughbred and unfiltered off-road.

The APRC package developed specifically for the Tuareg 660 includes the following features:

  • ATC: Aprilia Traction control, It can be adjusted or disabled in 4 levels. It draws attention with its precision-tuned and high-performance logic and operation.
  • ACC: Aprilia Cruise Control, It maintains the set speed without touching the throttle.
  • AEB: Aprilia Engine BrakeIt controls the engine braking when the throttle is released and can be adjusted in 3 levels.
  • AEM: Aprilia Engine Map, It changes the character of the engine and the way it produces power at 3 different levels. This process does not change the maximum power of the engine.

The Tuareg 660 accessory catalog also includes an electronic gearbox that allows very fast gear shifting without cutting the throttle or using the clutch. AQS (Aprilia Quick Shift) includes the feature. It was also equipped with a downshift function to allow clutchless downshifting.

4 customizable driving modes

Equipped with a special APRC electronic control system calibrated for performance and safety, the model also allows the customization of driving modes.

  • Local, adjusted with a focus on daily driving safety, ABS is active on both channels.
  • Discovery, tuned to focus on an exciting ride on the road. ABS is active on both channels.
  • off-road, Tuned specifically for off-road driving, with minimal levels of traction control and engine braking. The most easily manageable driving mode in terms of power characteristics of the engine. ABS, which is disabled on the rear brake, can also be disabled on the front brake.
  • Personal, It offers the opportunity to completely customize electronic systems. Electronic adjustments are made easy with fully intuitive handlebar controls. From the left side of the handlebar, traction control and cruise control (in addition to other functions) are quickly adjusted, while on the right it is possible to quickly select any driving mode.

No getting lost in the field with the multimedia platform

Tuareg 660 offers comfort at the highest level with its electronic equipment as well as driving technologies. The 5-inch color digital TFT instrument cluster displays different driving data legibly, while the light sensor adjusts the brightness according to the ambient lighting conditions. Also included in the list of accessories is the Aprilia multimedia platform, the Aprilia MIA, which allows you to connect your smartphone to the motorcycle and further enhances the functions of the instrument cluster. Aprilia MIA system offers a connection protocol that minimizes smartphone battery consumption. The system, via both the handlebar controls and the voice assistant; It includes an infotainment system to manage phone calls and music content, as well as satellite navigation with the option to display directions directly on the instrument panel. The Aprilia MIA app also offers the driver the ability to record trips completed and analyze the data obtained in the app using the telemetry function.

Character and performance twin-cylinder engine

The modern 660 twin-cylinder engine, which is the basis of the new Aprilia family, is designed to be used in motorcycle models that appeal to different types of use. Versatile design was also targeted along with performance and low weight during the design phase. In line with this goal, a new generation, extremely compact, Euro 1100 compliant, front-facing twin-cylinder engine was developed, derived from the front of the 4 cc V5. The engine stands out with its compact dimensions and light weight. The reduced horizontal and lateral engine volumes offer great design freedom, both in terms of the arrangement of basic organs such as intake and exhaust, and in terms of chassis architecture that is compatible with different applications. Aprilia's new twin-cylinder engine showcases the experience gained from the outfitting high-performance engine used in the RSV4. With the competence imparted by this experience, this engine rests on a tried and tested foundation of high performance. The cylinder head, combustion chamber, channels, cylinders and pistons are transferred from the V4 model. All engine components, such as the block and body, were designed and developed specifically for the 660.

High torque from low revs

Both the upper and lower parts of the engine have been specially modified for the Tuareg, with the aim of increasing torque at low RPM and ensuring correct lubrication in off-road conditions. Chain-driven double overhead camshafts with 4 valves per cylinder are optimized to deliver maximum torque at low rpm. It produces 9.250 HP at 80 rpm and a maximum torque of 70 Nm at extremely low revs. Maximum torque is available at 660 rpm on the RS 8.500 and at 660 rpm on the Tuareg 6.500. While 75% of the maximum torque is available from 3.000 rpm, the engine still offers 4.500% of its maximum torque at 85 rpm. The injection system includes a pair of 48mm diameter throttle bodies with varying lengths of intake channels to optimize delivery at high mid-revs.

Dazzling with its special colors

Aprilia was the first brand to move away from the traditional color schemes of the motorcycle world and introduce innovative and technological color schemes in the early 90s. For example, the Acid Gold version continues this tradition, giving the Aprilia Tuareg 660 a completely original look. Already offered in RS and Tuono versions, this version reinforces the innovative design of the Tuareg 660. There's also the Mars Red option, with black and red colors that highlight Aprilia's athletic history. The third color scheme is the Indaco Tagelmust iconic color scheme, inspired by the 1988 Tuareg Wind 600.

Aprilia Tuareg 660 is also available for starters in the same 35 kW version with all other features.

Rich variety of original accessories

Aprilia is exclusive to the Tuareg 660 to improve performance, comfort and functionality; aluminum panniers, 33 liter aluminum topcase, engine guard bars, additional LED headlights, center stand, chain guide, touring windshield, comfort seats, Quickshifter, Aprilia MIA, Electronic anti-theft system It offers accessories such as In addition, special outfits for Aprilia Tuareg 660 meet with users.

Aprilia Tuareg 660 – Technical Specifications

Engine Type                      Aprilia twin-cylinder, four-stroke, water-cooled, double overhead camshaft (DOHC), right-hand silent chain drive, four valves per cylinder

Diameter x Stroke                    81 x 63,93 mm

Cylinder volume                 659 cc

Compression ratio            13,5:1

Maximum power              80 HP (58,8 kW), 9.250 rpm

Maximum torque            70 Nm, 6.500 rpm

fuel system                  Front vented air filter box. 2 Æ48 mm throttle bodies, Ride-by-wire management

Ignition                          Electric

yaäÿl Game                          wet sump

Gearbox                         6 speed. Aprilia Quick Shift (AQS) system as an accessory

Clutch                          Multi-plate wet clutch with slip system

secondary driving                   Chain, Drive ratio 15/42

Electronics                      APRC Suite with ATC (traction control), AEB (engine braking), AEM (engine maps), ACC (cruise control) 4 Driving modes (Urban, Driving, Offroad, Personal)

Chassis                                   Tubular steel frame and subframe connecting the frame to the engine with screwed aluminum plates

front suspension              Fully adjustable Æ43mm inverted Kayaba fork, counterspring, 240mm suspension travel.

rear suspension          Aluminum wishbone, Stepped linkage, fully adjustable Kayaba single shock absorber, 240 mm suspension travel.

front brakes                       Double disc 300 mm in diameter, Ø 30/32 mm Brembo discs with 4 horizontally opposed piston calipers, Axial pump and metal braided brake pipes.

rear brakes                   260 mm diameter disc, Brembo floating disc with Æ 34 ​​mm single-piston caliper, Master cylinder with Independent chamber and metal braided tubes.

ABS                                   Multi-map ABS.

wheels                             Aluminum center spoke, front: 2.15 x 21 inches, rear: 4,25 x 18 inches

tires                         Tubeless, front: 90/90-21 rear: 150/70 R 18


  •           Axle distance         1525 mm
  •           Length                  2220 mm
  •           Width                  965 mm
  •           Seat height     860 mm
  •           fork angle             26,7°
  •           track width             113,3 mm
  •           Weight                    204 kg empty weight (187 kg dry weight)


Emissions compliance    Euro 5

Fuel consumption               4,0 l/100 km

CO2 emission                99 g/km

Fuel tank capacity   18 liters (3 liters reserve tank)

Colour options           Indaco Tagelmust, Mars Red, Acid Gold

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